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Today has not been super productive in the school department thus far. Although I did clean the kitchen, fold and put away three loads of laundry, made a yummy breakfast and snack and locked Toby on the balcony. Okay not really. He wanted to go out there!

I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast so I drank 2 glasses of iced coffee with soy milk while I tried to figure it out (and chatted with my sister about what I should have). I finally decided to make some kind of savory pancake and an egg. I didn’t really feel like putting a lot of effort into it so I put 1/3rd cup of oat bran + 2/3rds cup water in the microwave for 1:30 while I cooked an egg on the stove. Once both of those were done, I put the oatbran (which was very thick and sticky) into two little cakes on a olive oil sprayed griddle and cooked it up. Then I microwaved a morningstar maple “sausage” patty. These are amazing by the way.

With salsa, obviously. Also obvious: my egg making skills need some work. Still tasted good though ๐Ÿ™‚

I put some lawry’s seasoning salt in the oat bran before I cooked it in the microwave. They weren’t anything revolutionary but it was fun to eat them this way! I heart oat bran.

I photographed this out on the balcony and Toby looked on like I was kind of crazy. And blocking his sun. It also doesn’t look like he has any arms.

Now I’m going to outline a bit more then head to the gym. My foot has been hurting me since my half marathon so I haven’t been running. Which kind of sucks when it’s a beautiful day outside! Boo.

PS. last night as I was reading on the couch someone came up to say he wasn’t getting enough attention

He’s viscous. Watch out.

That time.

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t’s getting to be that time of the semester. The time when everything kind of sucks. Where I start talking about the best evidence rule and what’s necessary for a corporation to put in a proxy statement during every day conversation. Basically I’m a real joy to be around. Of course there’s one person who is still willing to listen to my ramblings. ย In fact he can’t seem to get enough! Everytime I look down, there’s Toby’s little (okay, big.) head looking up at me.


He tends to go with the philosophy that the more pathetic he looks, the more likely he’ll get some attention. And yes that is a stuffed bunny under his head. He carries it around just in case he needs a pillow. You think I’m kidding.

But sometimes, you just need to throw your books aside (only not to books can really make a dent) and bake some cinnamon rolls. Ooeey Gooey cinnamon rolls that make everything seem like it’s going to be juuuust fine. Finals? What finals?


oh yea. That’s the good stuff.


I used Mama Pea’s recipe and let me tell you…they were delicious. Like, amazingly delicious. Like James thought he died and went to heaven when he woke up to me pulling them out of the oven (take note …the best way to get a guy out of bed when you are tired of waiting for them to wake up is to bake something they can’t resist…oh and make coffee. works like a charm)


Yes. I would say it was a good morning. And it was definitely worth taking a break from learning about how to authenticate a writing in court. (Email me if you’re just dying to know. I can feel my inbox filling up as I type).



Picture perfect if you ask me.


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