Transforming the Hunt

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Happy Sunday! Another great day here but boy is it HOT! James had today off from work (yay!) so we got so spend some time together which is always wonderful. We had a nice and slow morning before we got down to business:


Homemade Egg McMuffin I also had a half cup of coffee, a little bit of grapefruit juice and lots of water.


Thomas whole wheat English Muffin, Morningstar sausage patty, one scrambled egg, farmers market tomato and nutritional yeast….


…plus a farmers market peach which was ridiculously good. So juicy and perfectly sweet. I could eat these all day!


And some catching up on correspondence (snail mail is not dead people!!). I love goldens ❤

And a little view of James’ plate:



One of sausage egg + cheese and one of just egg + cheese. Those were the last of our Morning Star sausage patties. I don’t see us getting more any time in the near future. Too pricey and too many wacky ingredients. But they were fun to have while they lasted for sure. I love that maple sausage flavor! It reminds me of the Big Breakfast my dad would get me at McDonald’s when we were little. 

All eaten within view of the beautiful flowers we got at the farmer’s market! I had no idea there were so many different  kinds of sunflowers.



Fresh flowers really do brighten up my day. I love it!

After breakfast we loaded up and went apartment hunting. We need to move someplace closer to my law school. I’m going to have to commute for the first month or so but it’s just too far away for any longer then that. Luckily we live close enough that we can do a little bit of hunting each weekend. Today we looked at 4 places. Next weekend we plan on looking in a different area at 4 or 5 too. The perfect place is out there and we’re determined to find it!

When we got home I got my bake on. I ended up creating a muffin recipe which I’ve never done before! It was fun and kind of freeing. WIth baking I always feel like I need to pretty strictly follow a recipe, which I’m not a fan of. With these, I just kind of winged it until I got the desired consistency. I was happy with how they turned out!

Protein Trail Mix Muffins

  • 2 cups oat bran
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 c. packed brown sugar
  • 2 tbsps flax, ground + 6 tbsp water (to replace 2 eggs)
  • 1/2 c. plain NF yogurt
  • 1 smashed banana
  • 1/2 c. applesauce
  • 1 small chopped apple
  • 2 big handfuls trailmix
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • healthy sprinkle of cinnamon 

Preheat oven to 400. Mix dry together. Add wet ingredients. Add mix ins (vary however much you like). Bake for 15 minutes.



I sprinkled some oats on the top but I would advise against that. They just fell off. James was surprised by how much he liked these and I was happy with how they came out. They would be great for a mid morning snack or to have with a smoothie for breakfast. And of course they’re even better with peanut butter on them!

I see some bread baking in my future….See you later!

Farmers Market Finds + Kashi Product Review

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Hello all!! What a wonderful weekend I’m having. James didn’t go into work until 12 today so we got to go to the farmers market! We hadn’t been since the fall so it was so fun to see it all bustling and such. I didn’t get any pictures because I forgot my camera. Next time though. There was SO much fresh fruit and people were just shoving samples in your face everywhere you turned (whom I happily obliged).


  • Green Pepper
  • Blueberries
  • Mediterranean Squash (new food to try!)


  • Pretty Lady Eggplant (another new one…we were told it was sweeter than the traditional eggplant)


  • Tomatoes


  • Summer Squash


  • Peaches


  • Patty Pan Squash  (never tried this…anyone else have?? Suggestions for how to use it??)

So many ideas swimming around in my head for how to use all of this delicious produce. I love having our home stocked with fresh and whole foods!

 And now a product review.

A while back there was a coupon going around for a free frozen meal from Kashi and I JUST got around to redeeming + trying it. I tried the Tuscan Veggie Bake: Yellow squash, roasted eggplant, red onion, and sweet potato. Zesty basil tomato sauce with sun dried tomatoes served inside Kashi seven whole grain noodles.



Excuse the name branding. I took this to work with me and things get swiped very easily! My first week there I put a yogurt in there and it was gone by the time I went to get it for lunch! Who steals yogurt?? But I digress..






This dish definitely had a spicy kick to it. The noodles were perfectly chewy and, honestly, my favorite part of this dish. I don’t really eat frozen meals so I don’t have a whole lot to compare this to but I did thoroughly enjoy it and the fact that it had 8g of fiber and 7g of protein helped to keep me full through my busy afternoon. If I were to get a frozen meal, I would definitely consider getting this again, but it more so makes me want to figure out how to make it myself.

Okay time to get ready to go see Transformer’s 2 at the IMAX! James has been looking forward to this for AGES! Hushing everyone in the room when a preview came on, telling me all of the amazing things about this new movie multiple times (it was made for the IMAX, 40 new robots, they bought the biggest apple computers to create the animations and they started smoking).

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Vacation Extravaganza!

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After we dropped Toby off (which was so hard by the way!!) we were on our way to the Outer Banks!  We did SO much research trying to figure out where to go that would be nice and fun but wouldn’t bust our budget! We decided on Nags Head and found the Owen’s Motel to be the perfect place for us – a no frills place right on the beach.


The ocean is right over these dunes I promise 😉


Lucky room number 18.


Then I looked down through the parking lot, away from the ocean…what was that in the distance? I almost felt a magnetism drawing me toward it… What…was….that……gosh….


OUTLETS! And we walked past the Gap, Claires, Ralph Lauren Polo, then I saw something that made me let out a squeal so high and intense, it attracted dogs…and made James cover his ears in exasperation….


J.CREW OUTLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like a freakin diamond in a rough. Ser. I have dreamed about a J.Crew outlet for oh so long..I thought they were just a myth but then I saw the light.

Too bad I only found ONE thing that I wanted and James pretty much CLEANED UP! Why is it boys find stuff that fits so much easier then we do?! Okay I’m also very picky..I have a rule that I don’t buy anything unless I know I will be thinking about it the next day. My mumsy taught me that trick and it has saved my bank account!

Then we drove around and went exploring and realized just how close all the little towns on the Outer Banks are! Before we knew it we were in Kill Devil Hills and then Kitty Hawk! And you know what’s in Kitty Hawk? Some North Carolina pride that’s what! We were lucky enough to stumble on the Wrights Brothers Museum and Memorial.


Up the hill we went….



This says “Conquest of the Air”. We tried to pick the coolest phrase to stand under. I mean, come on, conquering AIR?! That’s pretty damn impressive.


Then I decided I was leaving James for someone strong and stoic…


“You’re cheating on me on our anniversary?!?” Sorry honey 😀

I decided to take him back when he promised me seafood. What can I say? The tummy wins.

We went to a restaurant someone that worked at J.Crew recommended. Never question J.Crew, people! Plus check out their cool car..I mean come on, you know it’s going to be good.


We were sat a table with an awesome view of the sound! It was so lovely and perfect for our last meal on our little beach vacay


We started out with some seafood bisque which was so rich and creamy and chock full of lumps of crab and shrimp. It was such a nice indulgence!


For the main feature James and I both got the special…flounder and shrimpies. Plus it came with a side of coleslaw (not a fan..didn’t eat it), corn bread and fries!! Holy moly was this a lot of food!  Plus I had a flippin delish hefenwiezen with a squeeze of orange. It was so light and refreshing. i could totally drink this beer while hanging out at a BBQ. The squeeze of orange was a great compliment to this wheaty beer. 


This fish was soo fresh, light and flakey. I realized i had forgotten to ask for it to not be butterfied and it came out sans the oily-ness. I was pretty stoked..

I got my fish broiled and James got his fried. His was actually fried really nicely! I tried a bite of the fish and it was really lightly fried without too much breading. And the cocktail sauce had ALMOST enough horseradish in it…almost 😉 The cornbread was totally made with honey too which I loved and made it sweet but not TOO sweet which was fantabulous in my book. Did you know fantabulous is a word in windows live writer?!? That’s awesome!

Anyway..back to the trip! So after our bellies were stuffed with seafood goodness, we took a walk down a long pier to say goodbye to our little getaway place. 

Check out those blue skies!! Ahh I can still feel that amaaazing breeze. We stood on the pier for a while with our arms out just feeling this strong breeze coming off the water. It’s seriously one of the best feelings.


At the end of the pier was this sweet little gazebos with stools to enjoy the view



Then it was time to head back home. Boy was Toby happy to see us!! It was such a wonderful little way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for making it amazing James!! I love you!!

(This was the condensed version..aka what I took pictures of! Happy day to you!)

Wait Wait…

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I’m back!! What a WONDERFUL past few days I’ve had!! But let me start from the beginning…See it all reeeeallyy began on Thursday night. I went and picked James up from work and drove out to Chapel Hill! Which was fun because a.) I’m going there for law school next year and it makes me giddy just being on campus and b.) we were there for the birthday present I had gotten for James 🙂 I got him tickets to go see his FAVORITE public radio show….

Hi I’m Carl Kasell and this is…..


The NPR news quiz show and here’s your host…Peeeeetterrrr Seeeegaaalllll!!!!



MO ROCCA!!! He came and spoke at my undergrad and I’ve loved him ever since. Look at him being all pensive and preparing his brain for the challenging news show that awaits him…Will he win?? Will he embarrass himself and shame himself off public radio forever?? You’ll have to go here to find out…


But Peter Segal is ESPECIALLY cool in my book because he’s a RUNNER and occasionally has a column in Runner’s World….which I’ve informed J of about 100 times. I just want to make sure he remembers these important facts.


And who was the guest but Elizabeth Edwards!! I wish I had pictures but I was told that I wasn’t allowed to take any photos after I got these few blurry ones. Ah well! But you can listen to the broadcast that we saw on their website.This show is beyond hilarious and tests your knowledge of that week’s news 😉 And since James and I are both dorky poli sci majors we pretty much love it.


James was pretty much bouncing out of his seat the entire time we were there. He even banged his head into mine in his enthusiasm to whisper the answer to the questions to me. But I forgave him 🙂

We drove home buzzing and talking about how awesome the show was and passed out as soon as we flopped into our bed. The next more we woke up and fueled up for our next adventure:


French toast delicious. Whole wheat french toast with a smashed banana, defrosted berries and some maple syrup. With a pom spritza on the side. You know I love it.


Why don’t we do french toast more often?? Easy and delicioso!! And totally left be satisfied for hours on end. So where did our next adventure take us?? Stay tuned….

Polenta Delicious

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I am a total polenta convert.


At first I couldn’t really wrap my mind around it but now I see it for all of it’s deliciousness!

This little number is a lentil filling sandwiched by sliced up polenta log. For the lentil filling, I reheated 2 cups fo cooked lentils on the stove and added about 3/4 c. of water. I then added about 2 tablespoons of whole wheat flour. I also added some peas, corn and onions to the mixture. James half was cheesalicious.


But I was sneaky and saved a few slices for something I wanted to try…..


Polenta pizzas!!  Why is pizza so good in any form? This polenta pizza did not disappoint. Just some TJ’s marinara sauce, shredded mozz cheese and nutrtional yeast sprinkled on top. I think nut yeast would be so good mixed into some marinara sauce. Next time….


We went someplace SO FUN tonight!! I’ll post about that in the manana! No work tomorrow! Yahoo! More on that tomorrow too!

Trying to Find the Balance

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Hello kiddies!

I know I’ve been gone for a while and I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging. What am I getting out of it? Am i enjoying it or does it feel like a chore? Why is it so hard for me to get up a daily post like I would like to??

I spend about eight hours a day staring at a glowing computer screen and honestly when I get home the last thing I want to do is look at another glowing screen. And when I get home, I basically just crave some human contact since I spend a lot of my day in solidarity (yay data entry!!). When James gets home, I pretty much just talk his ear off babbling on about any thought I’ve had all day. This, obviously, is time consuming ….and sometimes I listen to his day as well.

But what do I get from blogging?

I love cooking and creating. I love recipes and I love this community. I have learned so much from the blogs I have read and feel like I healthy more aware individual because of it. And I feel like this blog is my creative outlet! It’s my place to write, show my creations, play with photography…it’s an outlet. And, really, it’s nice to be a part of other people who understand why I deviate from the SAD.

So what am I going to do?

I’m really not sure yet. And that’s okay. I need to figure out when is good for ME to blog. Is it worth it to me to wake up earlier in the morning so I can put together my thoughts? Am I able to find time to do it at work? We’ll have to see. But I have something to say and gosh darn it I want to say it! Even more so, I think with starting law school in the fall it will be something I have apart from school and it will be interesting to see how my eating habits evolve and change.

Not surprisingly, I have basically no good for pictures. This will be sort of a collage of a bunch of random pictures and meals that I’ve had. I’m saving my best for last, k? Well alright then let’s get to it!

An assortment of mini pizzas. Mine’s the TJ’s Wrap.


  • TJ’s Wrap
  • TJ’s Marinara sauce
  • Tofurkey sundried tomato sausage (1/4 of one?)
  • sauteed yellow and green peppers
  • sharp cheddar cheese I couldn’t taste…really I think next time my plan is to clump all the cheese on one spot so I can have on cheesey bite if I want cheese. otherwise it’s not worth it.
  • spinach
  • corn


yumlicious. No “fresh outta the oven” picture because SVU was on and ya know..nothing else really matters when Mariska and Stabler are on the screen.

This is from a WHILE ago! James’ birthday dinner! Annie’s Mac & Cheese, veggies (upon my insistence) and baked beans from Garden of Eatin.


Okay now for my FAVORITE thing I’ve had recently. Tempeh Stir Fry! This was SO GOOD! I wish I had better pictures. What really did the trick was this spice packet I got at an Asian grocery:



I can REALLY tell what kind of spice packet that is  with my awesome picture taking skills. Just know this! It’s good and makes your stir fry tastes like you got it from a Chinese Take out place without any weird ingredients. Woohoo!


So let me tell you what I did that MADE this stir fry mmm mmm good. Okay so let’s start with the ingredients:

  • yellow pepper
  • red onion
  • carrot
  • zucchini
  • yellow squash

All of these ingredients were roasted in the oven at 400 for 30 minutes. THIS WAS SO GOOD! That seriously made this stir fry a cut above the rest. really. I soaked the tempeh, which I cut into 1 inch squares, in the Asian Market sauce. Then I seared it in a hot pan and added broccoli and mushrooms. Once all that was cooked I added the roasted veggies and mixed everything up so it was all saucy. 


Holy goodness. I’ve been taking this to lunch with my everyday and it’s so freaking good. Roasting veggies before you put them into a stir fry? Yes. Do it. Try it. I encourage it all! And buy random spice packets 🙂 It leads to fun and new meals!

I’ll end with some cute pictures so you can forgive me for not posting!

James mom got the CUTEST little puppy recently. You can’t tell from these pictures..but it only has one eye!! She adopted it from the vet when someone abandoned the poor babe. Toby was skeptical


And then accepting


Kind of. Can you see his Elvis lip a little? He channels the king occasionally. Especially when small puppies are on his bed and trying to steal his pheasant.

Okay time to get cooking! Polenta and lentils are on the menu! Stay tuned 🙂

Mor0ccan Stew

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I woke up today a little tired. i feel like i just haven’t been able to catch up on sleep! good thing I had something yummy waiting in the fridge for me to start my day of right!

Overnight oats:


Honestly I don’t even remember how much oats I put in here! I had made it on Sunday night for Monday morning (so I would have to use the microwave or blender since Mere and Dan were sleeping in the living room) and just got around to eating it this morning! It was GOOD though! Best experience with overnight oats yet!! I think having it in there so long just made them even creamier and more delicious.

I put some TJ’s greek yogurt  and puffed rice in that sucker and called it good.  Oh! AND I put some cinnamon on top. THEN I called it good. Really.

Lunch was another unremarkable hummus wrap. Don’t get me wrong it was delish but ya know…nothing to write the blog about! But it was eaten outside while reading my book so I was happy. I love that I can eat outside! I look forward to it all morning. Sunshine just makes me happy

Dinner was an interesting concoction that I just kind of made up as I went along. I called it a Moroccan stew but I really have no idea if you can call it that. Whatevs. It had garam masala in it so it made it taste Moroccany.

Again, no measurements really. But I’ll give it a go

Moroccan Stew

  • 1 small sweet potato chopped up
  • 1/2 zucchini chopped
  • 1/2 yellow squash, chopped,
  • 2 carrots, chopped
  • 2 handfuls of fresh spinach, chopped
  • 1/4 red onion
  • 1 big spoonful of tomato paste
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup of cous cous
  • garam masala to taste

I prepared the cous cous separately and instead of water used the liquid from the diced tomato can to give it a little extra flavor! IMG_2832

Then I basically combined everything else in another pan until it was all soft and melded together. Oh and I used the little trick of cooking the sweet tater in the micro for a few minutes before tossing it in the pan for quicker cooking. Because I’m impatient like that.

Check out that fluffy cloud of greek yogurt on the top. Yum! And that’s James with the Texas Pete nearby in the background. Oh and my sunglasses. Big and rockin.


I really like garam masala. It is just such a great blend of spices (cloves, green and/or black/brown cardamom, cinnamon, cassia)  to have on hand! The sweet potato was def necessary to complete this dish. I can’t wait to take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow! (Sorry James!)

Okay I’m off to pay attention to SYTYCD (so you think you can dance..duh). Love this show! It makes me miss my girlfriends from Miami like whoa. We all got obsessed with it together and would get together every Wednesday to watch it. It was good times. My BFF Liana wouldn’t even let her employer schedule her to work when it was on in college. Ha! Let the obsession live on!

Stuffed Peppah

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Another day another dolla! But you know what today is?? LAW AND ORDER ON TV DAY!! I just found out that it’s on NBC on Tuesdays AND Wednesday. Is Christmas coming early this year? I think it is. **Edited to add: SVU ISN”T ON TONIGHT! Hockey is!!! So sad…at least I have a good book!**

Breakfast (smoothie), lunch (hummus wrap) and snacks (almonds and granola bar) were all unremarkable and therefore get no pictures.

Dinner on the other hand, was picture worthy since I had never made it before! My first  experience with stuffed peppahs.

For the filling I used a mixture of:

  • lentils and brown rice
  • tomato paste
  • pureed eggplant w/ garlic (aka failed attempt at making baba ghannouj)
  • chopped up zucchini
  • Sorry for no measurements! It was just kind of to taste. It’s nice because this recipe can be made for however many you want! I initially started off with just one for myself since James was working late tonight but when I told him what I made he requested one as well! Good thing these are super easy to whip up!


I microwaved the pepper half for a minute to soften it a little (quick cooking tip!!) and then baked it all up at 425* for 20 minutos.  Perfect amount of cooking time if you ask me. The outside got a little crispy which I like 🙂


It needed a little somethin somethin so when I made James’ later I added some of the homemade salsa. And obviously covered it in cheese because hello. It’s James. The salsa definitely did the trick (along with some texas pete, obvi)

James main food groups include bread, cheese and beer. For lunch he was deciding between a sub and a burrito but ultimately went with a sub since it had more bread. Ha.

Here’s another pic from when Mere was here and we went to visit Meredith college! Meredith pointing at Meredith!! It’s the little things that amuse me..

me and mere

And I just realized I never posted pictures from James’ birthday!! That will have to be rectified.

Today I went on the bike at my work’s gym. It felt good to do a little cardio. I did some weights too. I was reaching for the 8 pounders while these big meaty guys were going for the humongo weights! It was a little intimidating navigating my way through them…but I made it. I’m so lucky to have access to this gym! There was even a cardio class going on in the separate workout room while I was in there. Love that companies are starting to make their employees health a priority of sorts!

There is a maaaajor thunderstorm going on right now so I better finish this up. Hasta luego!!

Does your work do anything extra for their employees health? A lawyer I worked for in Asheville had someone come in to lead us in meditation twice a week! It was so wonderful and I thought it was so cool that she made that a priority. Everyone had to stop what they were doing no matter what to come and decompress. I hope if I ever have my own practice I get to do cool stuff like that 🙂

I Miss My Sister!

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I miss Mere already! Come back!!


I really hope that she gets to do her dietetics internship here in Raleigh. That would be a dream come TRUE!!

We had such a fantastic time yesterday! We had a great lunch at a hole in the wall Mediterranean place that I LOVE! I got a falafel wrap that had these awesome chili spread on it. I seriously need to get better with taking pictures. I just don’t think of it! Commitment, Hilary! Work in progress 🙂

Then we walked to Harris Teeter to get ingredients for……


Mere and I have been talking about making vegan cupcakes FOREVER with her copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World (seriously love this title).

We decided on the cookies and cream. Yea baby. And we got mint oreos (did you know oreos are vegan!? nutso.) to crumble in the cupcake batter AND the frosting. Delicious. The frosting really tastes like cookies and cream ice cream!!

Cookie crumbling:




Pre oven:


FROSTING! This stuff is AMAZINGGG!! I mean it IS sugar and “butter”…


Whoever thinks that because something is vegan automatically makes it healthy is sooo wrong….the amount of Earth Balance we used..I don’t even want to talk about it. Good thing Mere was in charge of the frosting while I cleaned up…because the tub of Earth Balance felt very light when I put it back in the fridge!

Out of the oven:


All dolled up:


And boy are these GOOD! Seriously I think it was the best cupcake I’ve ever had.  I just had one 🙂 I meant to only have part of one..but I just couldn’t. It didn’t seem right to leave half of this delicious cupcake just sitting all alone. I wanted to unite the halves in my tummy. I’m all for keeping things together 🙂

Dan and Mere left this morning before I left for my first day at work. They had a long 8 hour drive ahead of them!! It was SO nice to have them here and I’m so glad to know I will be seeing them again in August.

This morning, I took a smoothie to go. I had made some overnight oats but I was so nervous my stomach was saying no no no to solid food.

IMG_2806  IMG_2807

Half a banana, lots of frozen berries, 2/3 c. water, lots of kale. Tasty in my belly. Gave me some liquid confidence! bahaha

Work was good! Everyone was so nice and this company is freaking TOP NOTCH! They have a fully loaded cafeteria, coffee + smoothie bar PLUS a gym that has classes!! Including yoga! WOOO! This is extra awesome since the only exercise I’m allowed to do right now is the bike and I don’t have a gym membership which means all the exercise I’m allowed to do right nothing. But not anymore! Stationary bike here I come! I’m not going to overdo it though..Just a couple times a week.

Din was a yummy random bowl. I didn’t end up eating the salad I brought at work (just ate the other stuff I brought – leftover piece o pizza, bag of almonds, green apple, granola bar) so I used the salad as a base and put some lentils and brown top.


Plus a scoop of hummus and some homemade salsa


Simple and satisfying. Love meals like that.

Well I’m exhausted. I didn’t sleep that well last night because I was nervous to start my job today. I get such butterflies in my stomach when I’m nervous! Time to unwind and hit the sack. See you guys tomorrow 🙂

What’s your latest baking success??

Banana Pancakes + Presidents

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Last night’s dinner was pretty unremarkable. I had “made” some salsa and just put that on top of a spinach salad with some balsamic. And by “made” I mean I opened a can of diced tomatoes, a can of black beans, and a corn of corn, mixed it all together and called it good.

IMG_2507 IMG_2508

Oh and James added some chopped up red onion and garlic pepper/salt. Easy and good. James, Tomas and I dug into this yumo-riffic salsa with some un-pictured chips (woops!).

We then went to the local  pub (where after 3 times of going James already has his name known) and the guys got some wings. And let me tell you, the buffalo sauce on those wings is SO GOOD! I sopped as much of it up as I could with the puny celery sticks they put on the side. Anyone have a good buffalo sauce recommendation/recipe??

Tomas crashed at our place and when we got up I knew it was Banana Pancake time. Kind of like peanut butter jelly time, but without the cool dance accompaniment. I’ll have to work on that.

I snacked on some of these while I got crack-a-lackin:

IMG_2784 IMG_2785

I love these! And I also think it’s a genius way to not waste anything! Touché Trader Joe’s.

The boys started off with an appetizer of cinnamon rolls from a tube:


It looks like Tomas has a face of pain but I assure you it’s one of pure ecstasy.


I used the TJ’s Multigrain Pancake Mix to whip up these beauties using almond milk instead of milk and subbed one of the TBSP of oil for apple sauce.


Me slicing away at a banana and sipping a Pom spritzer (yup I’m obsessed with these now)


I also cut up a granny smith apple and sautéed that in a lightly buttered pan with a tsp of brown sugar and cinnamon. It was delish!


Along with some defrosted mixed berries, a little taste of PB on one of em and some sliced mango. With Maple Syrup for dipping.



These came out fluffier than I remembered! Could it be the almond milk??? Only using half the oil?? I guess we’ll never know. I enjoyed every bite while watching these handsome devils:


Nothing like some presidential action over breakfast. I always want to learn more about history but I feel like I’m terrible at retaining anything! I can’t even tell you which two presidents these are. I think I was just too distracted by the bananananan pancakes.  I’m okay with that.

My sister and her boyfriend get here in an hour and a half! yayayayayay!!!

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