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I’m in about my 5th week of training for my fifth half marathon. I’m running the Tobacco Road Half Marathon, which I ran last year as well.

tobacco road

(Forgive the horrible picture quality!)

Last year was actually Tobacco Road’s inaugural year and it was great! The course is primarily flat and you get to run on the Tobacco Trail (which was part of the rails-to-trails program where railways were turned into …wait for it…trails.) Plus the race is only about 15 minutes from my apartment. What more can you ask for, really?? Okay I might ask for a half marathon where this guy can run with me



Toby being saucy. Per usual.

Even though he can’t share in the glory of race day, Toby is still willing to train with me. Yesterday we went on a great 9 mile run. I was a little worried since I hadn’t taken him on my 8 miler last weekend (ran with a friend in Chapel Hill right after class) but he had no problems!

Now I’m sitting in the family room, sipping on some iced coffee and listening to James snore.




We ran out of soy milk (the horror!!) so I pulled out these little shelf stable chocolate soy milk things that we got for 99 cents at kroger the other week. Delicious!! chocolate iced coffee? Yes, please.

We had some friends in town yesterday so I did no school work which means today is going to involve a lot of reading. I also have an interview with a government agency tomorrow for a summer internship! EEK! So I need to prepare for that!

See ya later 🙂

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