Oh, How I’ve Missed You…

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I reunited with an old friend today…



It had been 17 days and oh I missed it so!!! I went on a short 3 mile run to test out my knee. I stayed in the grass the whole time. My knee was sore during it but I was able to keep running without a tremendous amount of discomfort which is a HUGE improvement!

I have an appointment with the ortho in the morning. Luckily, James is able to come with me which definitely puts my nerves at ease. I really hope it goes well!!!

I don’t have much interesting to show for in the way of dinner since I had leftover stuffed cabbage rolls. Usually I don’t get to eat a lot of leftovers since James has a 24 hour rule (more like 12 hours really…) that says if leftovers are in the fridge for more then 24 hours, he can eat them all.  Needless to say, I was shocked there were a couple cabbage rolls left!! And boy were they good!

I have, however, had a change up in my breakfast! I love having oats in the morning (like many) but my oats have had a little extra company lately…


Yogurt! I’ve been using TJ’s Plain Nonfat European Yogurt. It’s such a great addition!! The yogurt really thickens up the oats as it cools. I usually stir in about 2 spoonfuls of yogurt into 1/3 cup of oats after the oats have cooked. It does cool down the oats but that doesn’t bother me. I stir in some cinnamon, some dried cranberries and top it with TJ’s high fiber cereal and organic unsweetened coconut.

It kind of reminds me of rice pudding! What a way to start the day!

And my favorite way to end it:


What is your favorite new addition to oats??

Run, Refuel, Relax

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This morning was a nice long 10 mile run. I was a little worried about it since I was sick last week and didn’t get to run but it went pretty well. I ran down to a nature preserve near here (Hemlock Bluff), ran a few miles on the trails, then ran home. Mentally, it was great to have a destination and know that once I was done, I just had to run home (even if that was 4 miles away!). I like doing stuff like that on runs so it seems shorter.

I also listened to some This American Life podcasts which I LOVE! Seriously, if you’ve never heard these, go to their website and listen to some. They’re stories about people in America. The one I listened to today was from before the inauguration and they interviewed a bunch of different people. Some kids that wrote letters to the prez, people in the military etc. The letters from the little kids made me tear up!

When I got home I promptly showered and refueled!


  • 1/2 c. oatmeal
  • 2 scoops pumpkin
  • some frozen strawberries
  • dried cranberries
  • unsweetened organic coconut
  • TJ’s fiber cereal

So good. A little later I had an apple with PB. I forgot how much I love that combo!

As I mentioned before, James works all day long so Toby is my current Valentine IMG_0795

Love him.

Does anyone know how long is a safe distance to run with a dog? I didn’t take Toby this morning because 10 miles just seems like too much for his little body! The most he’s run with me is probably 6 or 7.

I’m in the process of making a few treats which I will post later 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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