Don’t Worry, I Have a Spare

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Basically, I have the best friends ever.




This completely made my day. Especially after I had a crumby day of feeling sad about running! This totally lifted my spirits!! Ah I love my friends! It sucks that we’re all so far apart 😦

Since this was the first day both of us had off in a while, we decided to celebrate by treating ourselves to a delicious brunch!

James has a few loves in his life. One of them, is biscuits and gravy.

He used this gravy mix:


And fancied it up by cooking some turkey bacon up in a pan and cutting it up then adding the biscuit mix and water. The result was a delicious gravy that had hints of smoky bacon in it.  He smothered some Grands Buttermilk Biscuits in all of that gravy goodness.  He also had 2 eggs on the side.

Here’s what James has to say:

“It’s really important to cook your meats and make your gravy in that pan so you get all the juices and the bits of it. And break up the bacon before you put the gravy in there. That’s what I would suggest. Because of all that, the gravy was very flavorful. It had a good consistency and I really enjoyed this breakfast!”


(Like the new placemat and napkin from World Market?? It was on sale!)

For me, I treated myself to the Whole Foods salad bar which I had never tried before since it’s pretty pricy.  But it was worth it for a little treat this morning 🙂


Okay let’s see if I can remember everything:

  • spinach
  • tabouli
  • pineapple
  • a strawberry
  • sesame tofu
  • cabbage slaw
  • artichoke hearts
  • spinach and artichoke hummus (from our kitchen!)
  • Asian tofu
  • fake chicken salad
  • grilled tofu
  • orzo salad

Yea basically I put a couple bites of everything in there!! I wanted to make the most of my Whole Foods salad bar experience! It was good. The Asian Tofu salad was delish. I have a new tofu obsession after my success the other night!

It was funny when some friends came over last night and they thought all of the food we eat was crazy! Like they had never had hummus and were very confused by what it was and thought the Veggie Flax chips from Trader Joe’s were very odd. It’s interesting how stuff that is so normal to one person can seem so foreign to someone else! But I’m glad that’s how it works because that’s how you learn about new things.

Alrighty we’re watching Fracture (so good! If you like Law & Order, mystery type stuff, rent this movie!) and then going to sleep! Another week starts tomorrow!

What’s something you thought was pretty standard until you showed someone else?

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