Warmer weather is comin!!

February 13, 2011 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment


I am LOVING the forecast for this week!!

Lot’s of sunshine and highs in the 60s!!

Yesterday I completed my 10 mile long run with some friends in Umstead Park. It was glorious. Perfect weather! Toby came along (duh) and my friend brought his new dog which went surprisingly well! Toby is a scaredy dog though and normally just wants other dogs to leave him alone. You know what kind of dogs Toby is most afraid of? small dogs. Oh yes. Those little white fluffy things that yap at him the second he comes into view. Nothing gets him pulling on the leash trying to run in the opposite direction more than that. Big and bad Golden Retriever? I think not.



Run Stats.


I went and had lunch with James and Noodles and Company (he had to work on Saturday until 9:30!! not cool.) When I came home, I knew I needed some cookies. Yes not one cookie, SOME cookies. So I turned on some pandora…


MGMT station!! my fave right now. Also note gchatting with my sister in the background!ANd what are we chatting about? Blogging. Ha.

And then I finally settled on what to make: Almond Joy Cookie Bars. Oh yes. There were a few tweaks so I could just use what I had on hand. I didn’t have any almonds so those were out. And the only chocolate I had was a 72% cacao dark chocolate bar…which I was not complaining about one bit. I chopped part of that sucker up and dumped it in. I also didn’t have applesauce so I used pumpkin. These were soooo goooood….I may have eaten half the pan…maybe…




And don’t worry, I got some nutrients in in non cookie form. Obviously I was still jonesing for some coconut though!


Spinach smoothie!!

This smoothie had half a frozen banana, a big handful spinach, ice, Frozen strawberries and frozen blackberries in it. Delicious!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. hahaha I love that our gchat is in the background! are you going to post about those homemade cinnamon rolls I heard you made James this AM?

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