Don’t Steal from Toby

February 11, 2011 at 10:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments


When I got home from school this afternoon, this is what I saw in the cupboard:




The man knows how to keep me out of a peanut butter jar. Hopefully my love for Toby wins out over my love for PB because my jar just ran out…

We got some glocosamine tablets for Toby since golden retrievers often have joint problems and he goes for runs with me pretty frequently.

photo (7)

We were told by the vet that this was the best quality you can get. Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA so when you buy it from Walgreens or whatever you can never be quite sure how much of whatever it purports to be is actually in the pill. The vet we go to trusts this brand for whatever reason so we decided to go ahead and get that. The same brand was recommended by our old vet too so hopefully they’re onto something.

The peanut butter is to entice little Toby to eat the pills. He won’t say no to peanut butter. Just like his mom 🙂

To redeem himself from banning me from a jar of peanut butter, James made me lunch!


A couple of wasa crackers, spinach, tomatoes, a few olives, capers, some balsamic, black pepper….


and mushrooms he stuffed with some kind of organic artichoke + seafood dip and then put in the oven to cook for a bit. (and put cheese on one of them!)


YUMMM! This was SO good! I almost stopped someplace on my way home to get lunch and I’m so glad I didn’t! Those stuffed mushrooms were delicious and the tomatoes were perfectly ripe. So good.

I also checked with Toby to make sure he still liked peanut butter..because if he didn’t that jar was mine…

IMG_4085 IMG_4086

IMG_4087 IMG_4088

okay. I guess he still likes it. Fine Fine. I won’t steal from you Toby.


Now I’m doing work for a few hours and hopefully doing something at least mildly fun tonight! Then tomorrow morning I’m meeting a friend for a 10 mile run with his new pup! Should be fun. especially since the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend. Finally! All this sitting and researching has gotten me in the mood to bake though! I have a black banana calling my name!


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  1. My dog has his own jar of PB too….but sometimes I steal from his Jif, cause I love it, HFCS and all!

    • hahah! glad I’m not the only one that steals from their dog 🙂

  2. the stuffed mushrooms look good! how creative of james!

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