Productive Sunday

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Well today has been so productive already and it’s only the early afternoon! I love that. James didn’t have to go into work until noon today so we took the opportunity to go to Trader Joes to get our weekly grocery shopping out of the way!

Then, once James was off to work, Toby and I ventured over to get my oil changed (which came with a free tire rotation!). While I waited the 30 minutes to get my oil changed, Toby and I went for a walk and I read more of my book, The Glass Castle. I like using little opportunities like a 30 minute wait to get some more movement into my day. Plus Toby appreciated the exercise. We’re not the only ones that need daily exercise!

Then I came home and made some Kalamata Garlic Hummus! So simple. Just a can of chick peas, a clove of garlic and 5-6 kalamata olives in oil.



And I put my yummy mixture into a re-purposed container from some store bought hummus. Aren’t you proud Pretty Green Girl?


Don’t be confused. It’s not Moroccan Hummus. Although that Moroccan hummus was delicious…

And next on my agenda was to make a little treat for my padre since his birthday is coming up! (Don’t worry..he doesn’t read the blog! Still isn’t a big fan of computers 😉 )

Poor padre is allergic to chocolate! So I decided to look toward the baking guru, Veggie Girl, to make him some of her infamous blondies!

What’s so great about these blondies, is they are basically a blank slate waiting for you to make them your own. To mine, I added some cinnamon and almonds.

And some chocolate chips in one corner for James since I knew I wouldn’t be able to send all of these to my dad.




And putting it on wax paper to bake made it SO much easier to take out. James loved these. Hopefully my dad does too 🙂


Okay now a little cuteness factor:


He was laying in bed when James was trying to make the bed so he was just made up in it. We thought this would make him want to get out. But nope. He was quite comfy.


James and I have a “date” later to do a deep clean on the apartment. Actually cleaning sucks but afterward it feels SO nice to be in a clean apartment! So that’s something to look forward to 🙂

My goal this week is to make some kale smoothies!! My energy level has been lagging and I’m hoping that those will give me an extra punch that other bloggers have experienced.

What’s your goal this week?

Warning: Domestication in Progress

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Well yesterday was a very domestic day! It included cleaning the apartment, sewing up James’ fave pair of pants and baking some whole wheat bread!

I used a recipe I found through  Itzy’s Kitchen.

This was my first time making a bread with yeast so I was a little nervous! I wasn’t sure how much I should be kneading or how it should look after it had risen enough but it still turned out okay!

Before going into the oven:


After 30 minutes at 350:


So good! I’m glad it was half white flour and half wheat because it made it come out kind of fluffy and not so dense. I bet the fact that it was a yeast bread had something to do with that as well


James (aka the self proclaimed bread addict)  said he would give this bread a 10!! Woo! He even wrapped it up in a paper bag and ate other bread because he wanted to savor this one instead of eating it in one sitting! The highest of all James food compliments.

Then I was relieved of my domestic duties and James cooked me a delicious dinner! He used  this recipe  which he found with the thought of the many tomatoes and avocadoes still in our fridge in mind.

I was in charge of getting it started before he got home from work. This is mostly where the recipe was tweaked because, well, I pretty much always change recipes. I can’t help it! It’s like a tick.

So for the puree, instead of making two separate purees (lentil and split pea) I just mixed everything together in one pot. I also didn’t sauté bacon in it or sauté the veggies. I just chucked it all in a pot, let it boil then simmered it till the beans were soft. Then into the food processor it went!


It seemed pretty similar to pea soup to me. And I love pea soup so that works out well  🙂

Then I let the master do his work!!

Frozen Mahi Mahi we got from Trader Joe’s:


The whole meal assembled:


It’s not very colorful, especially since the avocadoes were on their last leg but it was delicious none the less! We used turkey bacon instead of regular bacon and wowee did it go well with the fish! The smoky flavor of the bacon tasted so good with the mild flavor of the mahi mahi. I liked the mahi mahi more then the tilapia we made a while back. I liked that it was meatier and had a definite flavor. The thicker filet cooks nicer too, in my opinion. James was able to brown up the sides nicely while leaving the inside nice and juicy.

Then today I tortured my dog. Okay not really. One of James’ undershirts was on the floor so I put it on Toby. He didn’t resist! I was pretty much rolling on the floor laughing.


I don’t think he noticed he was wearing a shirt. He just wanted to play!

Another beautiful day of weather today! Stay here spring!

Now I’m off to go for a swim! I think that will be better on my leg then the elliptical. I hope I can still get a good work out. Wish me luck!

What’s your favorite form of cross training?


Edited to add: Check out the giveaway over at Itzy’s Kitchen!!

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