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I did it!!

ING marathon


I ran the whole half!! Yes my knee hurt but not to the point where I was questioning whether I should quit or not. There was not one time where I almost called James to come get me! Yay!

One good thing that did come out of me being injured (gotta look at the silver lining!) was that I got to run the whole thing with 2 of my bestest friends who finished their first half marathon!! This half was not about PRing or running my best but about the experience of running it with two my friends who not too long ago thought I was nuts for running all the time. Now they’ve caught the bug!! (I hope!)

Now I’m planning to take it easy, do a lot of cross training and my physical therapy exercises and let my knee fully recover.

Ahhh it’s like a sigh of relief.

Onto the food.

Tonight is a product review since, well. I’m exhausted. And what better thing to have when you’re exhausted then frozen pizza? Especially All Natural pizza from an environmentally minded company?

Meet Palermos Pizza.


A pizza whose ingredient list is so short you’ll feel fabulous eating it. And if that’s not enough to give you a sound mind eating this delicious pie check out their environmental sustainability policy:


  • All discarded paper stock and cardboard is recycled.
  • All plastic from both employee use such as water or soda bottles and production is compressed, bundled and recycled
  • All rejected materials from our bakery are recycled and made into high quality animal feeds.

Facility Design:

  • Facility built on a reclaimed brown-field area.
  • All office lighting is motion activated.
  • Grounds use low-mow / no-water grasses.
  • Skylights provide natural light reducing electrical use.

Sweet!! James had made the Napoli earlier today to bring with him to work and left me 2 pieces…aka 2 slivers.




This pizza is fantastic. The thin crispy crust and  the fresh tasting ingredients makes it better then any other frozen pizza I’ve had. I’ve tried a ton of the flavors too. The Messana (box pictured above) is delicious with thick slices of goat cheese on top. We’ve even just gotten the plain cheese pizza and then added a bunch of our own toppings before putting it in the oven! The possibilities are endless and it’s nice to have a quick easy dinner option on hand for nights when cooking is just not an option.

What’s your go to  frozen meal?

You Spin Me

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Hey all!

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. I have to say, it was full of some fun times! Saturday night we ended up going to a sushi/thai restaurant to celebrate my acceptance to law school and I got a spider roll and miso soup. It was really good! I LOVE miso soup!

Then Saturday morning we went to the breakfast place that is at the farmer’s market and I got an egg white veggie omelet and ate half of a delicious buttery biscuit. Seriously how did I miss out on biscuits for the first 20 years of my before living in the South??

Sorry no pics. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to take them in public!

Tonight I tried my first spin class! I went with a co-worker who is just crazy about spinning and she had some extra passes to her gym so I thought “Why not?” I had been wanting to try it since everyone seems to love it so much!

So what did I think? Well…it wasn’t as good of a work out as I was hoping. I’m sure this has a lot to do with the instructor and the fact that I had no idea what 30-40% resistance felt like to me etc. The first half of the class was pretty intense and I was wondering if I would make it the whole hour but the second half was kind of blech. And boy are those bike seats unkind!! That part was PAINFUL! I understand why people wear padded shorts!!

When I got home, I threw together something quick and filling.

I broke up about a 1/3 block of tempeh, some frozen spinach, mushrooms, onions, marinara sauce, BBQ sauce and worstecire sauce and some cider vinegar. It may sound like a weird combo of sauces, but it works. It’s basically the combo you would use to make sloppy joes.


Gotta love it staying light so darn late!!!


With some cheese sprinkled on top. Very yum. Now I have my heart set on a couple rice cakes with PB and chocolate chips on top. mmm..

I promise I have a good recipe in the making! I actually have it in the oven RIGHT NOW! It takes 3 hours to bake!! WHOA! I’ll share what it is and the recipe tomorrow.

In running/injury news: I RAN 4 MILES ON SUNDAY!!!! 4!!!!!!!! and my highest pain was a level 2!!! It was amazing! I could not stop smiling when I finished. Seeing as just a few days before I could barely run 2.5 without having a level 6 or 7 of pain…this was HUGE! I’m healing!

Now I’m exhausted. Time to relax. Have a good night!!

Frittata for one, please!

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I love rainy nights! We’re having a nice little storm here right now and I’m happy I don’t have to go anyplace!

My appointment with the orthopedist was fine. He didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know. I have IT Band Syndrome, I shouldn’t push through the pain, and I probably shouldn’t run the half marathon next weekend (whether I do or not remains to be seen). He showed me how my right quad was smaller then my left which may have contributed to my IT Band problem. Crazy! I have no idea how that happened. He said that I should start out slow, running 2 miles at a slow pace. This was actually encouraging because he was telling me I could run! He also prescribed some physical therapy which I will make an appointment for tomorrow.

Other things I am looking into for my knee:

1. An IT band strap

2. A foam roller

Anyone have advice on any of these?? I can’t find a foam roller anywhere!! I may order one online but I’d love to have one sooner then that. Suggestions?

I did have a nice work out this evening though. I ran to the gym, did 40 minutes on the elliptical and then ran home.

Once home, I made some dinner for one!

I made myself a frittata in a little pan we have that’s perfect for one person to make eggs in.

First I sauteed some mushrooms and spinach, then I poured 1 egg + I egg white (whipped) over that. I let it set for a little while on medium heat then added some lite Mexican cheese from Trader Joe’s.



I like frittatas better then omelets because there is more surface area which means more bites!

I also had a soy dog on a piece of whole wheat bread on the side that I grilled on the George Foreman (hence why it’s so flat!)


And of course an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie for dessert! mmmm….


Mission find a foam roller will go into effect tomorrow at 5! Wish me luck!

Do you like rain storms?? I think it’s a good excuse to stay in and watch a movie…even though most times I don’t need an excuse 🙂

Oh, How I’ve Missed You…

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I reunited with an old friend today…



It had been 17 days and oh I missed it so!!! I went on a short 3 mile run to test out my knee. I stayed in the grass the whole time. My knee was sore during it but I was able to keep running without a tremendous amount of discomfort which is a HUGE improvement!

I have an appointment with the ortho in the morning. Luckily, James is able to come with me which definitely puts my nerves at ease. I really hope it goes well!!!

I don’t have much interesting to show for in the way of dinner since I had leftover stuffed cabbage rolls. Usually I don’t get to eat a lot of leftovers since James has a 24 hour rule (more like 12 hours really…) that says if leftovers are in the fridge for more then 24 hours, he can eat them all.  Needless to say, I was shocked there were a couple cabbage rolls left!! And boy were they good!

I have, however, had a change up in my breakfast! I love having oats in the morning (like many) but my oats have had a little extra company lately…


Yogurt! I’ve been using TJ’s Plain Nonfat European Yogurt. It’s such a great addition!! The yogurt really thickens up the oats as it cools. I usually stir in about 2 spoonfuls of yogurt into 1/3 cup of oats after the oats have cooked. It does cool down the oats but that doesn’t bother me. I stir in some cinnamon, some dried cranberries and top it with TJ’s high fiber cereal and organic unsweetened coconut.

It kind of reminds me of rice pudding! What a way to start the day!

And my favorite way to end it:


What is your favorite new addition to oats??

It All Adds Up.

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I’ve been hearing and seeing some interesting things lately regarding food.

The White House Should have a Garden

The first thing was an interview I heard with Michael Pollan on NPR. It was regarding an open letter he had written to the president (he wrote it before the election so it was to whoever was president..not Obama specifically). And the interviewer laughed and said that one of the more “preposterous" things he had written was that the White House should turn some of it’s land into a White House garden, as an example to the rest of us of having locally grown food . He replied “Why is that preposterous, Terry? I think that is one of the more practical things I suggest” since they would not need Congress’ approval. If the President’s family went and pulled out weeds, it would really set the tone. Growing a little bit of food would help so many things. Reducing our carbon footprint, reducing the amount of pesticides we are consuming, getting a little exercise from pulling weeds etc.  And that the president could donate the extras to a local foodbank. Pollan claimed, “You have this powerful image of the White House feeding Americans, what could be better then that?”

I seriously suggest listening to that interview. It is PACKED with interesting things. Like why  food that is bad for us (i.e. HFCS) is the cheapest. Listen to find out!!

Living Healthfully on a Dollar a Day

Another thing that I also heard about, first on Good Morning America and then on the local NPR station, was a woman in Durham, NC who was living on a dollar a day for a month. Her blog, LessIsEnough, is really interesting and outlines her journey..And she does a lot of her shopping at Whole Foods to boot! She was inspired to take on this challenge because she had read an article claiming that unhealthy food was less expensive then healthy food (they were looking at calories, not nutrients) and she didn’t believe that that was true and wanted to prove that one could have a healthy diet on very little money. She did things like get oats from bulk bins, buying pasta and make chicken soup.  Definitely check it out. I like the inspiration behind it, showing people eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s just about getting back to basics.

Thirdly, James found an incredible new search engine that is solely dedicated to helping the environment. The money they make from advertisers go to nonprofits such as the Sierra Club and Rainforest Alliance. So the more people that USE, the more advertisers, the more money that goes toward the environment. It works just as well as google. So change your search engine in your web browser and make a difference when you try to look up a good Thai place near you 🙂


Also – I decided to make an appointment with an Orthopedist this week for my knee. Blah. I made it 1.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday before I was in too much pain to continue. Can I just say how much I miss running? I miss getting out in the morning before the sun is up. I miss having Toby run next to me and look up at me with a big smile on his face. I miss seeing everything on my running routes. I miss having that time outside. I miss the feeling of accomplishment afterwards. I miss the sweat. I miss the endorphins. I miss feeling like a runner. Okay, I’m done. Time to go swim!

I will post some eats later.

One Pot Steamer

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Well guys. My running is not going well. As’s not going. I tried to run yesterday and didn’t even make it out of the apartment complex before I was in too much pain to go on. It’s been a really stressful and emotional week. I think I’m going to take all next week off of running and PRAY to the running gods that my leg is better so I can do 2 more long runs before the half. PLEASE PLEASE HEAL ME RUNNING GODS! Two weeks without running?!?! Ahh!! I’ve never had knee problems before. I didn’t up my mileage too fast. I’ve run far higher mileage weeks then I am so what did I do? Ugghhh! Sorry I had to vent. Frustration!!

Since I was in a crumby mood, dinner was nice and easy tonight:.

We used some of the ripe avocados we had to make some guacamole:


I love guacamole. Especially guacamole with garlic and tomatoes. I also put soe TJ’s European Yogurt in it.

We used these chips from Trader Joe’s to dip up that avocado-ey goodness:


I liked how these weren’t salted and just had a really nice corn flavor. I would eat these again. But I’m always dangerous with a bag of chips…they’re so tempting.

James had picked up some frozen tamales at Trader Joe’s. We had volunteered at a church once and this woman made homemade tamales and they were OUT OF THIS WORLD. They were so good I can’t even explain. So we were hoping we could recreate this experience.


I put a steamer in a pot and first put the tamales in, then some cabbage, then some chopped carrots:


So fast and easy!!

With black beans on the side:


Gotta say, I was let down by the tamales. I mean…I don’t know why I expected these frozen tamales to measure up to some homemade delicious.

James and I both decided we loved the steamed cabbage + black bean combo and we’re definitely going to be making it again! Cabbage is SUCH a bargain. I like it raw and steamed. And a head of cabbage lasts foreva! Lovely. Mexican fiesta = Success!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night! My goals this weekend include getting new running shoes and a foam roller.

Half Marathon Training

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This week I start training for my next half marathon! I am running the ING Atlanta Half Marathon on March 29th. I am really excited about it because some my friends from high school are running it!! It’s a dream come true! I honestly can’t wait.


Half Marathon #1 : St Jude, Memphis, TN.

My first half was an awesome experience and my roommate from college gave me a training schedule for it. Basically all I did was run 4 miles everyday, and then a long run on the weekend. Sometimes we would do sprints barefoot on the soccer field (best feeling ever), but that was only when we had the urge and not when a training schedule told us to.


It was an awesome marathon. Not only was it my first, but it was for SUCH a good cause. The streets were lined with people with motivational/inspiring signs, thanking us for our contribution to St. Jude.  We also ran through cool parts of Memphis like Beale Street, by Sun Studios and  by my college so a lot of friends and professors were out! It was the best first experience I could ask for.

Half Marathon #2: City of Oaks Half Marathon

My next half, the one I ran this past November, I really didn’t have a set out training schedule. I loosely made one up for myself and ended up doing too many long runs, in my opinion, and kind of burning out.

Plus we ended up having to move into our third floor apartment the day before my half (we were supposed to move in 10 days before) so my legs were incredibly tired from walking up and down 3 flights of stairs a million times the day before carrying solid wood furniture etc

 Raleigh Half

It was a really hard and painful run.  The hilly course did not help. The only thing that made it better was that my parents and James were waiting at the finish line. James even met me at the halfway point, which is where this picture was taken!! I was pretty impressed he found it since we were in a brand new city.

When James comes to my races, he always stands a few yards before the finish line and cheers me on and starts running toward the finish with Toby. It always motivates me to sprint that last bit! But in this race, I had nothing left in my legs to sprint. Ah well. There’s always the next one!

Half Marathon #3

Stage 1: The Plan

Speaking of the next one: This time I am basing my training on the Ultimate Half Marathon plan from Runner’s World. It’s a nine week plan. The number of long runs don’t intimidate me and it incorporates speedwork into my training which I rarely do but I know it will help, especially after all the great testimonies about it from Caitlin. Hopefully it is just what I need. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

I am trying to plan my long run routes so I can come back and get this guy for the last 4-6 miles:


This is two toy Toby. He gets very jealous when I run by myself.

I’m currently watching an Audrey Hepburn movie Love in the Afternoon.

Does anyone else love old movies?? I really do. I’m not an expert on them or anything but they’re just so romantic and dreamy!

That’s a terrible description.

Have a good Saturday night!

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