Stuffed Eggplant

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I love deals as much as the next girl so I was pretty pumped when I found a humungous eggplant on the reduced price produce rack at Harris Teeter. I got a monster eggplant for 75 cents!!!

I searched high and low for what I wanted to do with this beauty. Recently we’ve just been cutting the eggplant up and roasting it so I knew I wanted to do something different from that.

So after a lot of searching I got the idea to do a Stuffed Eggplant.

First I cut the top and bottom off the eggplant then cut it lengthwise.

Then I scooped out the middle of the eggplant, leaving a 1-2” thick layer and cut the scooped out middle part into cubes.

James was nice enough to start dinner before I got home by cooking 1/2 c. of brown rice and 1/2c of lentils in some water with Better than Bullion in it. I walked into a house already smelling delicious!

I sautéed some frozen asparagus from Trader Joes in some olive oil and garlic. I removed those from the pan and put the cubed eggplant, a drained can of diced tomatoes, 1 copped carrot and a big handful of chopped spinach into the skillet.

I sautéed that until everything was soft, adding in some soy sauce, rice vinegar, salt + pepper, and the juice of half of a lemon along the way.


Then I layered everything up into the eggplant. First the rice mixutre, then the asparagus and then the veggie mixture.

I put it in the oven at 375* for about 20 minutes.



The eggplant collapsed a little as it got softer in the oven so it wasn’t the prettiest thing. I’m having a hard time with the whole making my food pretty thing!  It sure looked pretty BEFORE I put it in the oven (above) but afterward it all kind of fell apart and the colors weren’t as vibrant. Boo. Oh well, it still tasted good.


The rice wine vinegar was a nice compliment to this meal. I liked the contrast of the vinegar to the almost gravy like taste of the rice + lentils. Oven roasted eggplant is always delicious too. It takes on such a nice and meaty texture.

This recipe made a ton of food so I know James will have stuff to eat while I’m gone!


I can’t wait to go to New Orleans tomorrow! I will definitely try to take pictures of some of the delicious eats I know I’ll be having!

Time to finish up packing and go to SLEEP! I’m absolutely exhausted!

Orange Dinner

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Today started with this:


A sweet card slipped in my purse to be discovered at trabajo

And ended with this:



COOKIES! Homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to be exact. My absolute FAVE! You better believe I ate one the second I got home from the gym and then insisted we make dinner immediately or I would eat the entire plate. James used a recipe from CookingLight which, unfortunately, you need a subscription to see 😦 But James was nice enough to take some “process” pics including this one:


which makes me much less likely to eat the whole batch aka 2 sticks of butter!!! Oh well 🙂



Dinner was equally yummy (it’s just not fair to compare homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to anything…)

Even though my dinner did not actually have an orange in it, there were a lot of orange components!!

On the menu: Salmon cakes, Honey Carrots, and Sweet Potato Fries


I used Kath’s recipe for the salmon cakes (I’ve been using a lot of her’s lately! They’re just so delicious! Thanks for the inspiration Kath!!) Of course I tend to defile them with her arch nemesis: onions. Ah we just love em in our house! So that was my basic addition to this recipe, plus I used plain yogurt instead of mayo since I don’t like mayo.


James has been wanting honey glazed carrots  for ages and since he’s been so wonderful (see: baking me delicious cookies and cleaning the apartment) I knew he more then deserved one of his favorites!


First, I chopped up 4 carrots, put it in a glass bowl with some water and microwaved them for 5 minutes. Then I put them in a baking dish and topped them with 1 tbsp honey, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, sprinkle of salt and 1 tsp olive oil. Then I put them in the oven for maybe 10 minutes while the delicious fries finished up!

We got this crazy looking thing at the farmers market the last time we went.


We were told it tasted like it was dipped in sugar so obviously we had to try it! I cut up one sweet potato and this super sweet potato, sprayed it with olive oil and popped it in a 425* oven for maybe 30-40 minutes? I just kept an eye on them.


I couldn’t really taste big diff between the super sweet potato and the regular sweet potato but it was still fun to try something new!

Oh and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! As a red head with some Irish blood, I particularly like this day…especially since green is my color 😉

Now I’m just hanging out in our nice and clean apartment, watching West Wing, and desperately needing to shower. Later!

Can’t Resist the Chili

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 The thought of getting into the pool after work today was just so completely unappealing.  You know that feeling right before you’re going to jump in?? That kind of dread of not wanting to get in the water? That’s all I could think about.  So I opted for some Dave Farmar yoga podcast. I did 60 minutes of Power Yoga from 10/29/08. It was pretty good. Some points were hard to follow because he wouldn’t say exactly what they were doing. Afterward I did some arm strengthening and a little ab work.

Then it was time to make some dinner! On the menu? Chili and corn muffins! Such a classic combo.

For the chili we we simmered some soy chorizo, kidney beans, carrots, tomato sauce, onions and broccoli. We also added in part of a packet of McCormick Chili seasoning.

Then we made some House Autry cornbread mix  I got for $1.50 at the store. They were really easy to make. James loved em but I found them to be a little dry and bland. Maybe I’m just remembering back to the days of those fat and sugar loaded corn bread muffins of my youth…

IMG_1554 IMG_1555

The corn on top really did the deed on here. I just sprinkled some on top before putting them in the oven. And I liked the fact it didn’t sink it. It made it look really good. Definitely gave some color to an otherwise non-exciting looking muffin.


Can you spy a boyfriend’s  hand already reaching for some corny goodness??

And theeen I crumbled half a cornbread muffin on top.


Yummm 🙂 This definitely helped with the dryness factor and who doesn’t like a little bread crumb topping on a hot and spicy dish?  It helped balance the spice factor and gave a nice contrast of textures, which I love. Toppings make everything better.


Hi Toby! Do you like his polka dotted placemat?

What’s your favorite condiment?

That’s a tough one for me! I love so many! BBQ sauce is definitely up there though.

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