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I’ve had a semi-productive morning so far!  I vacuumed, did some other cleaning, and then hit the mat for some exercise! Have you guys ever used Exercise TV? They have a ton of videos. I did one of their 10 minute ab workout videos and then this 20 minute KILLER arm workout. I definitely only half- did some of the moves. But I tried and my arms feel slightly jelly-ish now. Pretty dang good.

Around 11 I started feeling a little hungry and knew I couldn’t wait till lunch so I dug out a Trader Joe’s Trek Mix granola bar:


I love these bars. Big chunks of dried fruit that has a yummy tart taste against the sweet coating of the bar. And they always do the trick to get me through until lunch! I want to try to make my own bars soon too!

After my workout and shower, I decided it was time for some lunch. James had an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning which made me really want an egg wrap for lunch!

I used these Trader Joe’s wraps:


FINALLY I found a wrap I feel good about eating and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!! I was so happy to find these. They have a great hearty taste thanks to the oats and flax and they’re only 120 calories which means more room for extra fillings and toppings!! Love me some variety. Plus they have 5g of Fiber and 4g of Protein. Hello!

I also used this salsa on my wrap that James and I got at Amazing Savings (discount organic grocery store!) in Asheville last weekend:



Yay for ingredients I recognize!! Gotta love real food.


In the wrap:

  • 1 egg + 1 egg white, scrambled
  • Salsa
  • Spinach
  • Mustard


With a salad on the side for some extra greenage. Spinach topped with Texas Pete, Balsamic Vin and a little scoop o’ hummus because I love hummus as dressing. yum.


And of course, a little lunch dessert, because really what would life be without dessert??


Fig Newman. Man this are good. I also got these at Amazing Savings for 2 bucks! Makes it taste even sweeter 🙂

Okay gotta run to the post office and maybe Whole Foods to buy some new vitamins! I’ve been taking James’ in the mean time but I’m afraid the men’s formula will make me grow hair on my chest. Not so attractive.

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