Adventures with Oat Bran

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Happy Friday!

Last night James and I had plans to go to a new cool pub downtown with some friends but that kind of fell through. We loafed around for a while after I got home from work debating different ideas of what to do. Eventually, we decided we would just get in the car and start driving, hoping a good idea would come to us!

And it did!! We ended up going to a nature preserve not far from our apartment :

images images2 

We sat on the bluffs and thumbed through an Architectural Digest mag and pointing out what we loved and what we hated.

Does anyone else do that? We also like to drive around the cute neighborhoods here and pick out what houses we want! I actually have my dream house picked out and drive/run by it every now and then to swoon over it!

On the way home, we swung by Whole Foods and I perused the bulk bins (love these!). One of my purchases was something I had been dying to try for a while: Oat Bran!!

The second I woke up this morning I was eager to test out this new find!

IMG_2181 IMG_2183

I decided to make it on the stove top since we have today off from work because of Good Friday.

I used:




Holy Yum!! I found a new love! Of course oats could never be replaced but this will definitely be integrated into my breakfast mix! The consistency reminded me of grits and it was so thick and creamy. And the charoset was SUCH a fantastic mix in. I mean it had everything you could want to top your oats with : almonds, apples, dried cranberries, dates, cinnamon and honey. I was in breakfast heaven.

This, of course, makes me want to try all the OTHER kind of whole grains in the bulk bins at Whole Foods!! So much good stuff out there I haven’t tried yet!

What is one thing you have to have in your dream house?

For me, it’s a huge wrap around porch. There’s nothing better then sitting outside on your porch on a cool summer night!

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