I’m a law student now

August 30, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

*said to the tune of the Toys R’ Us commercial*

So I officially made it through orientation! Now the real work begins. They do a good job of scaring the bajeezus out of you during orientation and then quickly saying “but don’t worry! You’ll be fine!” Comforting.

To get me ready for a day of studying, James whipped up some of his delish eggs for a little protein power. These fluffy delights were infused with some garden peppers and cheese.


But the real star of this feast? Homemade jam made by James’ mom. Yes she does everything. We also have some homemade V8 juice she made in our fridge…Pretty much the elixir of life ready to sucker punch any bad germs that comes remotely close to you.  That means you, swine flu.

But back to the jam….


Oh yes. Sign me up for a case of this stuff.


Made from fresh strawberries. Jarred with love. And smothered on TJ’s Fiber bread.

I can now tackle the day!

Which is going to look a little something like this:


I knew that pocket Constitution would come in handy….


Everyone always says how stressful law school is (this fact was reiterated MANY times during orientation…) so I know I have to keep my body in tip top shape to be able to endure sitting for long hours and getting less R&R then I’d like. For my own sanity and well being I know it’s important to make the time to keep up with my healthy eating and regular exercise. Let’s face it though, sometimes you need a little something extra.

I got this sample for Greens+ a while ago and knew I wanted to save it for when I first started law school to try and give myself a healthy push to start off my journey.


The berry flavor is high in antioxidants, has 150% dv of Vitamins C, 100% of Vitamin D (

and 50% DV Calcium. The company claims their mixture of all natural ingredients will help increase energy levels, support the immune system, enhance mental acuity  (yes please!!!!) and cleanse the digestive system. Bring it on!


I’ll report back after a while of taking this to see how it goes! James has been using it in his smoothies and you can’t even taste it. No idea if it’s giving him more energy though..he’s possibly one of the most energetic people I know anyway so it’s hard to tell!

But what’s REALLY going to get me through law school is this guy right here:

You have to remember to laugh, right?

Well I’m off to read and then take a break to go get my car inspected! Toby is snuggled at my feet and I’m ready to go! Have a great weekend!


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  1. congrats, chiquita! you shall rock law school!

  2. Aw Toby!
    I see you also got the email from mom about swine flu! She’s too funny!
    Good luck studying 🙂

  3. Haha, Toby is so cute.

  4. aWWWW Toby! 🙂 He will definitely keep you going! Bad day or good day – he’ll be there tail waggin when you get home! 🙂 Good luck – I’m excited to hear how everything goes! 🙂

  5. Congrats on making it through orientation 🙂 SO sweet of James to make you such a fantastic meal. Toby rocks

  6. Congrats on Law School! I’m sure you will rock it, just don’t forget to sleep a little, in addition to the laughing!

    Toby is too funny. Could he walk straight after that demo? Silly boy!

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