Hippie Loaf + Gravy

August 10, 2009 at 11:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

When you have the stomach flu, writing on a food blog is pretty much the last thing on your mind.

I made this meal over a week ago but every time I thought about posting it, I died a little inside. But I’m finally starting to feel better and I just had to share how delicious this recipe from Happy Herbivore. The second I saw her recipe for Hippie Loaf I knew I had to make it! First of all, I love embracing the hippie in me. Living in Asheville and dating a guy that has hippie-ish tendencies (you do J!) I’ve come to appreciated many things hippie (one of those things NOT being the lack of hygiene).

I knew the brown gravy would win James over (we picked out our dishes because they had a lip which I was told is good for “gravy holding” ). I won’t lie, I was skeptical of the gravy. I don’t have much experience with cooking with nutritional yeast and I was afraid it would taste “off” somehow and send James running for the hills. But I  have to say I was SO pleasantly surprised! At first I only made half of the recipe, but the second I tasted the finished product, I went ahead and made the other half of the recipe! MAKE THE GRAVY! IT’S SO DELICIOUS!!! I was literally standing at the stove licking the mixing spoon.


This meal warmed my soul. I love it completely. And will be making it again for sure.

Since I have been eating all things bland and beige, I have nothing else interesting to show you.  I do have some action shots of t-dizzle chasing after his beloved “red dot”.  Some people think it’s mean to use laser pointers with dogs but it just makes Toby so happy! And he knows it’s us shining it. He always looks to us when it disappears and if I pick up the laser pointer he starts looking around for the dot. Smart pooch.


Please ignore the decapitated pheasant in the background.




Will he catch it?!?! Only time will tell.

Tomorrow’s my last day of work (goodbye data entry!!!) and my sister gets here the day after tomorrow! Then we’re off to Asheville for the weekend! YAY! As I type this there is a Biltmore commercial on right now. It’s a sign that Asheville will be amazing 🙂

What’s your favorite recently discovered recipe?? I love hippie loaf and gravy! Wish we still had some…

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