Summer Taco Salad

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So yesterday I tried this little piece of deliciousness:


I gotta say. I was NOT disappointed. My first bite had me thinking “Wow. this actually tastes like a PB&J!” It’s made of dates, peanuts, cherries and salt. Honestly I wouldn’t automatically think cherry though. In my mind it tasted more like the strawberry and PB sandwiches I had as a kid. I really liked the peanuts in this lara! Better then I like some of the other nuts they use (twss).

I really do love these for a snack on the go but they are relatively small for the amount of kcal they pack in. I know it’s all natural (and minimal) ingredients though so what can ya do? They taste great and stave off hunger really well.

Summer Taco Salad

A Mexican salad was on the menu for the night! I love summer!!! Please don’t end!!


  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Romaine
  • Mushrooms
  • onions
  • corn
  • FF refried black beans
  • corn
  • roasted red pepper hummus

James had awesome TJ corn chips with his..I ate my share while putting the din together so my taco salad was naked. IMG_3199

This was definitely all mixed together very soon after picture taking. Hummus +refried black beans make a great dressing lemme tell ya.


James got special edition Mud Pie ice cream for dessert but I was so full from this I didn’t even want it! What kind of craziness is that?! Don’t worry..I’ll have some soon enough!

Funny story: My mom used to call me Mud Pie when I was really little because I could definitely be stubborn and get pouty. Like when my mom would tell me my shoes were on the wrong feet (this is in preschool mind you) and I would tell her “I like them like that!!!” I blame it on the red hair.

And check out the skirt I got at the Banana Republic outlet a while back on SUPER sale! (took this picture to see if James thought this was an okay outfit to wear to something and figured I’d share my find):


That’s with a TJMaxx top! Love the deals. Don’t you? ‘;)

And of course where would the Red Head be without her Yellow Dog??

From the top:


And a full frontal:


Is that not the smooshiest face you’ve ever seen?!?!

I need to get some pictures of Toby doing something OTHER then lying around..I swear he’s a very active dog! We get him exercise every day! He just looks so darn cute when he’s all sleepy and smoosh faced. I actually found these pictures on my camera so I’m guessing James and Toby had a photo shoot after I went to work.  Can you tell Toby loves the camera?


I went for a 3.5 mile treadmill run yesterday! Woop woop! Longest post-injury run! It started out kind of blah because I hate the treadmill. It’s just so boring! And you aren’t going anywhere! You aren’t thinking “I turn at the next corner look at that car that just passed by what’s that smell aw look at that dog aw look at my dog he’s so precious” All you can do is listen to your music and look at the clock. No good. So I started my running thinking about this but then I decided “No I’m having a good run. Running is a privilege. It’s awesome I can do this” and I turned on some Michael Jackson and rocked out. I was tempted to start doing some air punches and other arm dancing moves but I workout at the gym where I work  so I refrained. But in my head, I was totally busting a move.  And I kicked my speed up a notch from previous post-injury runs which also made it way more interesting! /end analysis of run.

Okay. I’m going to go read either Eat Pray Love or the new Runner’s World I got in the mail. James is watching some cray cray Fast and the Furious movie that is uber overly dramatic which makes me laugh. Then I tell him it’s just something I read online. Because I’m sneaky.


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