Channa Saag & Vegan Sloppy Joes

July 24, 2009 at 2:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

It’s been a Vegan Dad kind of week!

We’ve made not one but TWO of the awesome recipes from his site.

The first was Channa Saag. Gotta get my moneys worth out of buying garam masala!! Plus I just love Indian food!!


Okay here are the changes. I used less oil, used a can of diced tomatoes plus one fresh tomato diced and used frozen spinach. Most of this was done because ya gotta use what ya got.


All served over quinoa with a dollop of plain yogurt and Mediterranean hummus. This was promptly mixed together post picture 🙂

I have been loving quinoa lately. I made a huge batch at the beginning of the week and have been eating for lunch with leftovers or just with beans and fresh chopped spinach and some balsamic vinegar. So simple and so good.

Next on the list was a recipe I’ve made before, Vegan Dad’s Sloppy Joes.


These were just as delicious this time as they were last time (James liked them even more this time!)


I served mine over veggies. Yum.


Served with a new potato and sweet potato blend. I always keep the skin on the potatoes when I mash em…I like the texture it gives them!

Toby and I went for a run tonight and man was it HOT! The poor dog was laying on the cold tile in our foyer for hours after we got back! Reminds me why I love running in the morning so much. Last summer, I ran every morning in the mountains where the air was light and crisp and I never suffered from the heat. Now that I’m out of the mountains and running in the afternoon (work early + long commute = not ideal for morning runs) it reminds me more of my runs back in Miami – dense, thick, humid air. I’m sure it’s not even half as bad as down there…I’ve forgotten the horrors of 100% humidity and so has my hair.

Toby is now passed out on his own personal pillow. Tired that boy out!!


He’s really just a big baby in case you can’t tell 🙂

Can you believe tomorrow’s Friday?! This week FLEW by! I’m not complaining 🙂 Bring on the weekend!



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  1. Hey now- you’re boyfriend is a looker too! Mines not much of an athlete…which makes me a little jealous of yours 😉

    Ow- I’ve never seen the vegan dad blog- thank you for pointing it out!

    Awesome looking meals. I’m a huge fan of meatless sloppy joes- they are totally fabulous.

    Enjoy your weekend

  2. that should say Your not you’re

  3. Awww, Toby is like my Chubbster! He loves to go for runs but half way through he’s always like…um, can we stop now? K, thanks! And then pants for the rest of the night lying on the tile of my entry way. Too funny. But he’ll do it again the next day!

  4. Ugh he is such a beautiful little baby!

    I’m a new reader and loving your blog…gotta have love for a fellow redhead too 🙂

  5. cute dog!

    I just found your blog…LOVE Indian food 😀

  6. oh my goodness…great picture of Toby. Oscar has his own personal pillow too!! 🙂

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