French Toast + Stolen Pillows

July 19, 2009 at 12:37 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Do you know what happens when you have a dog that loves pillows and you’re the last one in bed?


Yea. My spot gets stolen on a nightly basis. But who can tell that face to move??

It didn’t take much debate this morning to decide we wanted french toast! I feel like it’s a nice sweet treat without all the time, mess and prep of pancakes or waffles. I used 2 eggs, some almond milk, cinnamon and a squirt of agave.


Then I chopped up a peach and part of an apple and pushed it around in a pan until they were a little heated up.

Top the toast with some PBU, agave and fruit and you’ve got yourself  a complete breakfast right there!


I made James a smoothie and took what didn’t fit in the glass. Delish. He likes his smoothies with yogurt in it. Not completely my jam but I like to please the boy.

James’ plate with 4 pieces of french toast, a smoothie and some syrup to top it all off.


Then we laid around and watched some West Wing and I decided to bake some muffins! I used Jenna’s recipe for Banana Blueberry muffins. I reduced the sugar to 1/2 c., used frozen blueberries (what we had) and added half of a frozen banana chopped up (because we didn’t have quite 2 cups of blueberries). YUMMM!


These turned out SO GOOD! Love them. I sent James off to work with 2 of them and then T-dizzle and I went for a run…mind you this is around noon. MAN was it hot!! But I was still happy to be out there 🙂

After I got back and stopped sweating like a beast and took a shower I had a delish salad.


Romained lettuce, green beans, baby carrots, broccoli and red pepper topped with a big ol scoop of refried black beans and the rest of the hummus.


Seriously love refried black beans (fat free– from TJ’s) and it makes a great dressing for a salad when you mix it all up. The beans are a little salty by themselves but mixed with all the vegs it’s perfection.

James is at work late tonight. Boo! Good thing Law & Order:SVU is on. In the mean time, Toby and I are just chillin in bed while I read. I know. Crazy Saturday night!!

Have a good one!

Question: Anyone have a good recommendation for a backpack? I’ve been looking at different north face backpacks to lug my law school books around in and would love some insight!


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  1. FF refried beans are good!
    As for a backpack, I just use a tote bag. Surprisingly, those rolly backpacks are quite popular now . . . it might be worth looking into if you’re books are super heavy.
    Also, I’m guessing you’ll be bringing your laptop to school? Some profs talk so fast that it’s good to have a laptop to type, otherwise you can’t keep up. If that’s the case, a lot of my friends just get laptop sleeves so they can fit that in their tote bags.

  2. Seriously- how good are refried beans on top of a salad? YUMMMMY! Your dog cracks me up! As I’ve told you, Frank does the same freaking thing! That or he lays sideways and takes up the whole bed. Good thing they’re cute. Yummy french toast- love the chunks of peach on top. What a way to start the day. Have a good Tuesday

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