Protein Packed Muffins

July 3, 2009 at 6:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Hello all! Today has been a nice one thus far over in NC. I actually have the windows open and am enjoying the nice fresh air!

Let’s rewind to yesterday, though, shall we?

Yesterday morning started off with something I haven’t had in far too long: Oat bran! There’s just something very deeply satisfying about hot cereal.


In the bowl was 1/4 c. oat bran (that exploded in the microwave when I wasn’t paying attention while making my egg…so who knows how much oat bran was left), 3/4 c. water, 1 tsp of nutritional yeast, salt & pepper + one egg over easy. I obviously smothered this in Texas Pete post picture. 


My egg flipping technique needs some work but the yoke was perfectly runny.

Then Toby and I went for an hour long walk in my striped keds…PSA: striped keds are not walking shoes and will give you blisters.

When I got back I got to work on some more of my protein muffins, per James’ request.


James has the habit of saying to me, when I make something he likes, that he wants it again “JUST  LIKE THIS!” translation: don’t do anything crazy or try to change them. Well boo you, James! I’m baking and I’m going to switch it up!


Okay so I didn’t switch it up that much. I did use pumpkin instead of apple sauce because that’s what we had and then i put some peanut butter on the top before I put them in the oven. It made a little bit of a peanut butter frosting! I am totally doing this again!


I calculated the nutritionals for these and they each had 127 calories, 3.5 g fiber, 4.6 g protein, 3.2 g fat.  and 2.2 g sugar. I’m not sure exactly how accurate this is because the website didn’t have the trail mix I used (Planter’s nuts and seeds) and I just kind of guesstimated how much mix ins I used.

Any how, they’re full of delicious wholesome ingredients and I’m happy sending James to work with these rather then having him pick up a snack of french fries and hush puppies from the Q-Shack.

I didn’t really feel like making dinner last night. Could the mountain of fruit and peanut butter I had consumed during the afternoon be the culprit? All signs point to yes. So we just went and played frisbee with Toby then came home and looked at apartments online we might want to move to while snacking on bean+hummus+veggie wraps. Hit the spot.

So every night when James gets home from work around 7:45/8 we go to this church nearby and throw the frisbee for Toby. There’s this huge field over there and there’s usually a soccer game going on. Well the other night these two little boys, whose dad was playing soccer, came and hung out with us last night and we let them throw the frisbee for toby too. Last night when we went, holy god. Like 12 little kids come swarming toward us the second we got out of the car! It was crazy. All the little girls would start screeeeaaamminnggg when Toby would be running back toward us with the frisbee. I will definitely need to take pictures/video next time!!

Until then! Enjoy your Friday!


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  1. Mmmm looks yummy! (I’ll bet I know which church you’re talking about…)

    Have a great 4th!

  2. accidental peanut butter frosting, mmmmm … not too shabby!

  3. mmm savory oat bran?! i’m intrigued..

    that frisbee story is adorable — i’d love to see a video! it sounds like a riot 🙂

  4. Savory oat bran does sound fantastic 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your 4th!!

  5. My fave breakfast! I gotta try the Pete and yeast!

    Yum on the muffins and the kids sound super cute!

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