Give Me the Run Around

July 2, 2009 at 1:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Woohoo! 4 day weekend!

And another reason to woohoo: I ran for 10 minutes STRAIGHT today!! With NO PAIN!  I was pretty much deliriously happy during and after this. I made sure to get a treadmill in the back of the gym so I could lip sync along to my ipod and bust a few moves while running.

One song I CANNOT listen to during this recovery period is Bombs Over Baghdad. This is my ideal running song. When I hear it, something comes over me and I just want to sprint my little legs off! I had to talk my finger away from the "increase speed” button on the treadmill. It was tough. So then I just started getting more bouncy with my running. I had to reaaalllyyyy concentrate to just do a nice even stride. But I made it, friends.

This morning started and ended deliciously. I started with a whole wheat english muffin covered in PBU.


I’m so happy for this invention! I’ve recently been finding that peanut butter in any normal portion (aka smothering an englilsh mufifn) leaves my stomach feeling heavy and not so good. Not so with PBU! Plus it was created by a fellow curly headed gal. Thank you Curly Top!!


It’s topped with bananas just in case you couldn’t tell or thought it was cheese or something.

Dinner was simple and oh so satisfying. I really had no desire to do anything very elaborate…so I didn’t. Wraps to the rescue!


That beany mixture is black beans, green peppah, onions, corn, peas, with some sprinkles of cumin + chili. This was so delicious. It was like a deconstructed version of the black bean burgers we usually make.  Chili + cumin are key to get that smoky flavor.


Bah! The lighting in our apartment is so lousy. Natural light truly makes the picture. 


And then..there was dessert. One of James’ homemade oatmeal choco chip cookies (complete with 2 sticks of butter…yowza!) with some Cool Whip on top. Yes, bring on the chemicals. I def need to check out that all natural jazz over at Whole Foods.


Deliciously happy ending.

Okay back to watching SYTYCD!! Let’s hope it’s better then last week.

Until next time!



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  1. yayyyyyyyyyy for the fourth o july weekend! I can’t wait to just relax. Fabulous news about your run without pain. Um- your wrap looks fabulous 🙂

  2. Nice job on the run lady! Keep it up, you’ll get there! I haven’t tried this whole PBU thing…I don’t get why its called PBU actually, maybe I’m just really slow??

    So crazy you live in my old apt building! 🙂

  3. glad you had no pain for 10 minutes!! just go easy, k? you don’t want to rush things, and I know from skating- being injured for LIFE is such an annoyance. stupid skater feet!!! :/

    love that wrap!!! black beans are sooo good. well, mexican is SOOO good. i love FRESH mexican food with fresh salsa and FRESH guacamole. Screams summer too, huh?

    happy thursdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  4. have a great holiday weekend and enjoy your time off :)!

  5. Yay on the running! PBU is a great idea – yum!

    I love SYTYCD right now! My faves are Janette, Ade and Melissa. Love ’em!

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