Summer Squash Casserole

July 1, 2009 at 1:00 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Short week this week, folks! I just found out today that my office is closed Thursday AND Friday! What?! What kind of crazy company do I work for? One that cares for it’s employees and what not? Pshhh….

So basically…tomorrow’s Friday. I even got an email from my boss saying they were declaring it Jeans Day since it is technically our Friday. Woo!

A quick update on the injury front: I’m slooooowwwllllyyy starting to run again. Let me give you and idea of what slow is. Monday, after I ellipticized by booty off, I walked on the treadmill for 2 minutes, ran for 4, walked for 2 and then ran for 3.

Running grand total: 8 minutes

And to me..this was AMAZING! I was on cloud nine while I was running (very..very slowly). Next time…I’m going to try for 10 MINUTES OF RUNNING!!! Try to contain yourself.  Ready for my running goals? Let’s go.

Running Goals:

  1. Be able to run 3 miles 3 times per week by end of August, when I start law school (this will be a big feat since I’ve been injured since February!!)
  2. Sign up for 1 5k and 1 10k before my second semester
  3. Run the Chapel Hill 10 miler in April
  4. Run the Outer Banks Marathon my third year in law school (when life won’t be so consumed with law books)

I’m pretty excited for my goals. Slow is my middle name right now but I’m just happy to be pain free most of the time.

Okay food time. So our fridge is stuffed with produce (yay!) and what better way to use some of that up then with a summer squash casserole. I used the recipe on Kath’s blog with a minor little addition: I added a layer of spinach and (gasp!) onions (sorry Kath!). Other then that it was pretty spot on.


Pre oven goodness.


Post oven gooey-ness. (I lined the pan with foil for easy clean up) IMG_2917

I had leftovers the next day for lunch and it was faaaaantastic! James made me a little leftover parfait with a layer of spinach, layer of casserole, spinach, casserole and then some corn and peas for good measure.


Delish! I love the crispy cheese on top! It reminded me of cheez-its. This didn’t need dressing at all. No sir ree.

Okay time to shower + get into bed with my book..I’m almost done with it! Bittersweet…I’ll miss the characters!

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