Mug Brownie Success and Craziness

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Mug brownies are awesome!! I even used apple sauce instead of oil. Now don’t get me wrong, these didn’t taste like awesome amazing homemade brownies but they were good..and took about 3 minutes to put together for a warm homemade single serving brownie! James liked it too. He did say it had a “gummy” texture and I would have to agree. It’s best topped with ice cream 😉


And those are chocolate and peanut butter swirl chips right thurr.


Don’t worry. That’s James’ arm. Luckily mine does not have black fur on them.


Today has been a WHIRLWIND! James woke me up eearrllyyy this morning so we could hang out and go grocery shopping before he had to go go to work today.

Luckily he made me another egg-licious bfast to get me moving


Organic ketchup all over that. Plus pom + seltzer spritzer 


Then we went to Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s and then went and played frisbee. If you’re a bad frisbee player (aka me) it’s great to have a dog. He can go get all of those off shots for you which meant he got some good exercise today! Some times I threw it straight and other times I would be aiming in front of me and it would go in a totally different direction. I find blaming it on the wind to be helpful.

When James went off to work I went on a cleaning marathon in preparation of my sister’s visit. What I’m dreading most is driving to the recycling place to take our bags and bags of recycling. Can you believe our apartment complex (or the one next store) has no recycling?! Whenever we ask about it they say they’re working on it. Annoying.

After a while of cleaning my tummy started rumbling and I knew it was time for some lunch!


Whole wheat wrap with hummus, refried black beans, carrots, salsa, spinach and tomatoes.


Then I had a couple bowls of puffed rice and almond milk with honey…and some Trader Joe’s All Fruit Bars Ends & Pieces (love these!). Cleaning works up an appetite ya know 😉

Okay gotta go put laundry in the dryer!

Leftovers are Betta

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I spent the rest of my afternoon digging into the Wally Lamb book I know this Much Is True. I like it so far! I love going to my parents house because I just say “Give me books!” and my step dad and Mom start throwing books at me that are “so won’t be able to put it down.” I love finding those books I can’t put down and think about even when I’m not reading it. I seriously LIVE for those books. Of course no one is as big of a reader or book lover as my sister who I get to see on Sunday!!! YAY!

Dinner tonight was leftovers! How is it that leftovers often taste better the second time around? The flavors just have the right amount of time to get to know each other better 😉 I had the Quinoa Salad with Asparagus and Shrimp from the other night. Mmm Mm good!


What you’re observing right now are a melding of flavors and textures. Enjoy.


And then I did some Yoga…


Oh wait! That’s not me! That’s Toby who has been monopolizing my mat this evening. I think he mistook it for a giant pillow. Not so much T-dizzle.

So later I may try to make a Mug Brownie for James. Anyone ever try one of these before? I will definitely post my findings if I do! Brownie made in the microwave? Cray Cray.

Lunch in Suburbia

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Toby and I met James at his work for lunch this afternoon (Toby had to go up two escalators in the process..pretty funny sight). We walked to some little tables outside Starbucks and dug in! I meant to take some pictures there but I forgot. Too busy people watching and chatting it up. But I did get some before pictures when I packed everything up:

Main course were homemade black bean burgers with sauteed onions and mushrooms on top.



This is my go to recipe for black bean burgers. They are absolutely awesome. The only change I make is I use oatmeal instead of bread crumbs. The chili + cumin combo totally makes these stand out. We bought those spices SPECIFICALLY for this recipe! That’s how good it is folks.

This time around I put all of the ingredients in the food processor (instead of mashing the beans by hand – my least favorite part of the recipe). It made them, obviously, very uniform in texture and not chunky. I still really enjoyed them but I missed the chunky texture I get when just mashing it with a fork. But both ways they’re goooooooooood. Trust me on this! Next time I want to try using flax instead of egg (just got some at Whole Foods yesterday! woot!)

All packed up:


  • Chips and Salsa
  • Smoked Paprika hummus (delicious! but we didn’t end up eating any)
  • Ghiradelli chocolate (James ended up treating me to a latte instead of having one of these. woop woop! I hadn’t gotten a latte in foreva)

I watched He’s Not That Into You today (rented it for a dolla from the invention ever!). I really liked it! Very cute! Of course I liked it even more because my love was in it:


I asked James to come home and say “I’m a Mac” but he didn’t go for it. Darn.

Now I’m watching Oprah. Oh the life of being unemployed domestic. Gotta love it. Back to the grind on Monday though! Enjoying  it while I can!

Early Morning Training

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Well I had my Physical Therapy appointment this morning! But first breakfast…

James woke up a little earlier this morning (or I may have had Toby jump on top of him and told him he should get up..) and when I heard he was having another breakfast egg sandwich, I decided to jump on the band wagon!

About 2 eggs, 1 piece of Trader Joe’s Fiber Bread toasted (this bread is SO good by the way…great hearty texture. It’s delish toasted. Definitely getting this again), some sliced up tomatoes,  S&P, Texas Pete.  And some ketchup post picture 😀


Check out this egg fluffiness. James has some egg SKILLS!


I just picked this up with my hands and went at it. So good and filling. I also had another little pom/seltzer combo this morning. And I’m having another as I type this. Very refreshing.

Then I bounced over to physical therapy (seriously takes 3 minutes to drive there..gotta love that). This PT was so thorough! He listened to everything I had to say and was so comprehensive in examinging my hip and leg. He then proceeded to tell me my IT Band was really tight (aka he said that it was like an overly tightened guitar string..lovely) and that my hip was really tight and my right hip was weaker then my left. Not surprising.

So I am going back for another session next week and hoping to get an appointment for a deep tissue massage the following week. The good thing is it isn’t joint related, just tendon. Which makes me happy. No stress fracture here!!

He also said I could start taking Toby for walks but to take it easy. So that’s that. I like having some kind of game plan.

I am going to have lunch with James today and taking what I had made for din last night for a little picnic! Hopefully the weather will hold up. Lunch will be late (around 2/2:30) so I see a snack in my future. That egg sandwich has kept me surprisingly full though!

See you for lunch 🙂

POM Wonderful

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I got an awesome package today! It was from the Molly over at Pom Wonderful, sending me some 100% Pomegranate juice.



They also sent me some info on all the great benefits of Pomegranates:

  • Pom Wonderful is the only brand guaranteed to contain 100% authentic pomegranate juice Gotta love that! Have you ever tried to find 100% cranberry juice? It’s virtually impossible. Most juices use apple as a less expensive filler and then add other kinds of juice. I love that this is 100% pomegranate juice!
  • All natural and contains no added sugars, preservatives, colors or cheap filler juices. Real food!!
  • It promotes cardiovascular health, improving blood flow through the heart for a group of 45 patients with coronary heart disease. It has also been proven to reduce aerial plaque, inhibit anguitensin convertying enzyme and reduce the incidence of LDL oxidation (the key factor in arterial plaque formation).
  • Promotes a healthy prostate AND helps improve erectile disfunction. SWEET!
  • And of course it is PACKED with antioxidants – more and better than red win, grape juice, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, green tea, vitamin C and E. Yowza!
  • IMG_2727 IMG_2728

The second I got it I broke one of these cut bottles open to make a nice refreshing drink. I combined about 4 oz. of the juice with a glass of seltzer water. Perfection.


Ice cube glacier!!  Thank you so much Molly!!

I had made something for dinner but James came home wanting to go out so we went to our little local pub and I got a garden salad and James got some buffalo chicken fingers with fries! We were def both happy with our meals and what I made for dinner tonight can simply be eaten tomorrow 🙂 It’s fun going out for an impromptu night!

I did tell James when we were leaving that I knew for a fact that Edy’s was buy one get one free at Lowes food….


Mint chocolate chip. Yes, please. I like when the ice cream is a little melty.

So I’ve been trying all day to figure out where on the North Carolina coast James and I should go for our 2 year anniversary in a couple weeks. It’s hard because neither of us have ever been out there and there are SO many different places to stay! And of course we don’t want to break the bank. Anyone ever been to an awesome place on the NC coast? I even went to AAA to get a TourBook which was less than helpful. I thought it would have descriptions of each little town and beach..not so much.

Okay time to finish watching sytycd. Lots of tears. I may or may not have asked them to turn it on when we were at the pub. Whatevs. I have no shame! I love me some dancin 🙂

Disappointing Canned Soup

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Toby and I went for a little walk this morning down to the leasing office to pay rent. That’s the longest I’ve walked in a week and a half!! I am definitely sore from my arm/ab workout yesterday though and my legs feel a little sore from it all too (I guess from all the planks/push ups/extended leg crunches?). I don’t want to overdo it today so  I may do some light yoga later but that’s it. Definitely learning to listen to my body better through all of this.

I had one of my fave snacks/desserts/pieces of delicious ever around 11 today:


Mashed banana mixed with PB one some kind of carby hand to mouth transportation. Oh yes. Looks disgusting, tastes delicious.

One the lunch menu was some black bean soup. I pretty much never buy canned soup because I figure I can make it myself but this looked pretty good and ya know it’s nice to sometimes have something to throw together a quick meal.




It was okay..not great. I added some Texas Pete and a dollop of Greek Yogurt which helped but I won’t get this again. It was super oniony ..I think that was the problem. I couldn’t taste any of the other ingredients was just ONION. And I like onion and all..but I wasn’t getting onion soup here…I wanted some beany goodness! Ah well.


I served myself up about half of the can and on the side had a mini pita (80 cals) with paprika hummus in it (this stuff is awesome..seriously. My new fave flavor), and some spinach with balsamic vin for green.


This half of my lunch did not disappoint. I love vinegar!! mmm…And now I’m going to go take a shot of apple cider vinegar.  It’s great when something you love is also good for you

And, ya know a few fig newmans for dessert :) 

Alright. Nothing big on the agenda for today! Sometimes that’s nice but I still feel a little guilty like I SHOULD be doing something. We’ll see how the day goes!

What’s your fave hummus flavor??

It’s hard to be a Toby…

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Good morning!

James and I are geeking out right now and watching a documentary we got from Netflix. It’s a series from the history channel about all the presidents! I know we’re super cool.  We were both poli sci majors so we can understand each other’s love for all things political 😉

While learning about how the first President’s rocked (and how Thomas Jefferson used to answer the door to the white house in his slippers!!) I made myself a delish bowl of oat bran. I made it on the stove top this morning which definitely gives it a creamier and less dense texture.


I topped it with an egg over easy, some Texas Pete and salsa. Mmm…

We all got out of bed this morning…well almost everyone…


It’s so hard to be a Toby….


Toby’s morning routine includes getting up with me around 7, getting fed, then going back to bed with James until he gets up around 9.  He usually stays in bed a little longer than James too..just to make sure he’s not coming back. What a life!

Now that I know I have a job to go to on Monday, I can sit back and relax this week! I’m making another trip to Whole Foods later to get some ingredients for a recipe I want to try and buy some shampoo and conditioner for James.

See ya for lunch!

Quinoa Salad with Shrimp and Asparagus

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Want to know something AWESOME? I got a JOB! ALREADY! One day of being unemployed and I get another job! woot! Mind you the jobs I’m having right now are TEMP jobs that involve DATA ENTRY. AKA not interesting at all. But whatevs because I’m going to law school in the fall so it’s not like this is my life. AND this one pays way more then my last one so woohoo for that!

While I was out and about today I stopped at Whole Foods for stuff I didn’t need necessities. I spend probably 15 minutes trying to pick out the vitamins I wanted to get and ended up with these:


My mom told me that I should get a multi-vitamin with minerals and I compared the 365 brand with another brand that blatantly said on the front “Multi-Vitamin with Minerals” and they had the same stuff in em so I said hey I’m going to save 10 dollars and went with the 365 brand. I also got some Calcium Citrate. Apparently you’re supposed to stay away from calcium carbonate (again, got this from my mumsy..she goes to a natural medicines doctor so I basically just benefit from all the info she gets. score)

I also got more of this body wash because it was on sale and we LOVE it! It has that invigorating minty smell plus it’s free of parabens and other weird things.


I really want to phase out the chemicals I use on a daily basis. Next up is deodorant and tooth paste!

I also got some quinoa to make this awesome salad I found a recipe for earlier. We had two huge bunches of asparagus in our fridge that needed to be eaten up and I wanted to make something light and summery. This recipe fit the bill!


I used different measurements of some things. I used more asparagus (about 3/4 of a bunch), half a green pepper, half of a large white onion (what we had leftover in the fridge – I bet red onion would be fantastic), 1 clove of garlic (GINORMIC clove!), some sliced up mushrooms..not sure of the measurement, one knob of fresh ginger (minced – we don’t have a grater- gasp!).


I always get my sundried tomatoes from the olive bar at Harris Teeter. I got more then enough for this recipe for 80 cents. Yeehaw!


This was seriously EXACTLY what I was looking for. The citrusy taste of the lemon and the fresh ginger went together so much better than I thought it would. I was really questioning about the ginger but I’m really glad I decided to use some.

This was a great option for the summer too. I made it around 5 and then put it in the fridge so when James got home around 8 it was cold and the lemon + ginger really melded together. This could definitely be eaten cold or hot! Gotta love that versatility.

And then I had some of something magical….


Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is Green&Black’s organic chocolate ice cream.  We also got this at Amazing Savings.  2 bucks for this pint. And man is it good. Especially sprinkled with some unsweetened coconut. Mmmm… I’m surprised it’s lasting as long as it is.

An Edible History

I heard a really interesting story on NPR with an interview with the man who wrote the book “An Edible History”. The story was called Food As Agent of Change.

Here’s a little blurb about it from the NPR website:

Author Tom Standage doesn’t think food is history’s central motivating force. Rather, as he writes in his book An Edible History of Humanity, Standage thinks of food as more of "an invisible fork" prodding humanity along.

"After all," he continues, "everything that every person has ever done, throughout history, has literally been fueled by food." (

Cool! I love when food related stuff comes on NPR 🙂

Okay I’m not paying NEARLY enough attention to sytycd (so you think you can dance…duh) so I’m getting back to that. Night!

It’s a Wrap!

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I’ve had a semi-productive morning so far!  I vacuumed, did some other cleaning, and then hit the mat for some exercise! Have you guys ever used Exercise TV? They have a ton of videos. I did one of their 10 minute ab workout videos and then this 20 minute KILLER arm workout. I definitely only half- did some of the moves. But I tried and my arms feel slightly jelly-ish now. Pretty dang good.

Around 11 I started feeling a little hungry and knew I couldn’t wait till lunch so I dug out a Trader Joe’s Trek Mix granola bar:


I love these bars. Big chunks of dried fruit that has a yummy tart taste against the sweet coating of the bar. And they always do the trick to get me through until lunch! I want to try to make my own bars soon too!

After my workout and shower, I decided it was time for some lunch. James had an egg sandwich for breakfast this morning which made me really want an egg wrap for lunch!

I used these Trader Joe’s wraps:


FINALLY I found a wrap I feel good about eating and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!! I was so happy to find these. They have a great hearty taste thanks to the oats and flax and they’re only 120 calories which means more room for extra fillings and toppings!! Love me some variety. Plus they have 5g of Fiber and 4g of Protein. Hello!

I also used this salsa on my wrap that James and I got at Amazing Savings (discount organic grocery store!) in Asheville last weekend:



Yay for ingredients I recognize!! Gotta love real food.


In the wrap:

  • 1 egg + 1 egg white, scrambled
  • Salsa
  • Spinach
  • Mustard


With a salad on the side for some extra greenage. Spinach topped with Texas Pete, Balsamic Vin and a little scoop o’ hummus because I love hummus as dressing. yum.


And of course, a little lunch dessert, because really what would life be without dessert??


Fig Newman. Man this are good. I also got these at Amazing Savings for 2 bucks! Makes it taste even sweeter 🙂

Okay gotta run to the post office and maybe Whole Foods to buy some new vitamins! I’ve been taking James’ in the mean time but I’m afraid the men’s formula will make me grow hair on my chest. Not so attractive.

The times they are a changin’…

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Well kiddos, times have changed for this Red Head, My job is no longer (thanks economy!) so I am sitting tight and hoping that the agency that found me that last job will find me another one for the summer! Please, agency? Idle time and I do not get along well.

BUT this does make me want to reinvest myself in my blog and give it a little more of the attention it needs/deserves/I want to give it!

Yesterday was a big day. Along with being my last day at my job, it was also my appointment with a NEW ortho! I gotta be honest, I did NOT like my last one. He was really dismissive of my injury..and we all see where that got me.

I liked this new guy. He was very fast talking but still listened to everything I had to say and was very receptive when I told him what my goals of my visit with him were (get a game plan, figure out what’s going on and what can be done to prevent it in the future!). He took some X-Rays of my hip, said there was no stress fracture and my hip socket looked very healthy (yahoo!). He then perscribed me some physical therapy. There’s an office right across from his and he was real and said “Now I’m not saying they’re the best PT’s around, but I think they do a good job and will help be comprehensive in figuring out exercises that work best for you.” Thanks Doc! I can roll with that.

So here’s the ol’ game plan: I haven’t done cardio/basically any exercise in a WEEK! Yes, I’m going crazy and yes I am quite a gem to live with (sorry James!!) but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. So there’s another week of sedentary times. Of course now that I know it’s not a fracture, I’m going to do some light yoga (none of the “crazy stuff” as Mr. Dreamy Doc put it) and continue with some arms and abs stuff in order to keep my sanity. I also have a PT appointment Friday morning so let’s hope that goes well!

I’m also going to start posting more of my eats! Because, well, it’s fun! I kind of made this plan after I made bfast so it’s not the prettiest presentation but hey! There’s always lunch right?! So let’s get to it.


Can you handle the excitement yet?

1/3 c. oat bran, 1 c. water, 1/2 banana chopped up in there, unsweetened coconut, maple syrup, little scoopy of PB (bottom of the jar).

Okay totally lame. Lunch will be better 😉 I’m going to go all crazy on you to make up for my meh breakfast. It didn’t taste meh though let me tell you. I am a total oat bran convert. Delish.

See ya later, gators! I’m off to start on my to do list!

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