Vacation Extravaganza!

June 23, 2009 at 2:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

After we dropped Toby off (which was so hard by the way!!) we were on our way to the Outer Banks!  We did SO much research trying to figure out where to go that would be nice and fun but wouldn’t bust our budget! We decided on Nags Head and found the Owen’s Motel to be the perfect place for us – a no frills place right on the beach.


The ocean is right over these dunes I promise 😉


Lucky room number 18.


Then I looked down through the parking lot, away from the ocean…what was that in the distance? I almost felt a magnetism drawing me toward it… What…was….that……gosh….


OUTLETS! And we walked past the Gap, Claires, Ralph Lauren Polo, then I saw something that made me let out a squeal so high and intense, it attracted dogs…and made James cover his ears in exasperation….


J.CREW OUTLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like a freakin diamond in a rough. Ser. I have dreamed about a J.Crew outlet for oh so long..I thought they were just a myth but then I saw the light.

Too bad I only found ONE thing that I wanted and James pretty much CLEANED UP! Why is it boys find stuff that fits so much easier then we do?! Okay I’m also very picky..I have a rule that I don’t buy anything unless I know I will be thinking about it the next day. My mumsy taught me that trick and it has saved my bank account!

Then we drove around and went exploring and realized just how close all the little towns on the Outer Banks are! Before we knew it we were in Kill Devil Hills and then Kitty Hawk! And you know what’s in Kitty Hawk? Some North Carolina pride that’s what! We were lucky enough to stumble on the Wrights Brothers Museum and Memorial.


Up the hill we went….



This says “Conquest of the Air”. We tried to pick the coolest phrase to stand under. I mean, come on, conquering AIR?! That’s pretty damn impressive.


Then I decided I was leaving James for someone strong and stoic…


“You’re cheating on me on our anniversary?!?” Sorry honey 😀

I decided to take him back when he promised me seafood. What can I say? The tummy wins.

We went to a restaurant someone that worked at J.Crew recommended. Never question J.Crew, people! Plus check out their cool car..I mean come on, you know it’s going to be good.


We were sat a table with an awesome view of the sound! It was so lovely and perfect for our last meal on our little beach vacay


We started out with some seafood bisque which was so rich and creamy and chock full of lumps of crab and shrimp. It was such a nice indulgence!


For the main feature James and I both got the special…flounder and shrimpies. Plus it came with a side of coleslaw (not a fan..didn’t eat it), corn bread and fries!! Holy moly was this a lot of food!  Plus I had a flippin delish hefenwiezen with a squeeze of orange. It was so light and refreshing. i could totally drink this beer while hanging out at a BBQ. The squeeze of orange was a great compliment to this wheaty beer. 


This fish was soo fresh, light and flakey. I realized i had forgotten to ask for it to not be butterfied and it came out sans the oily-ness. I was pretty stoked..

I got my fish broiled and James got his fried. His was actually fried really nicely! I tried a bite of the fish and it was really lightly fried without too much breading. And the cocktail sauce had ALMOST enough horseradish in it…almost 😉 The cornbread was totally made with honey too which I loved and made it sweet but not TOO sweet which was fantabulous in my book. Did you know fantabulous is a word in windows live writer?!? That’s awesome!

Anyway..back to the trip! So after our bellies were stuffed with seafood goodness, we took a walk down a long pier to say goodbye to our little getaway place. 

Check out those blue skies!! Ahh I can still feel that amaaazing breeze. We stood on the pier for a while with our arms out just feeling this strong breeze coming off the water. It’s seriously one of the best feelings.


At the end of the pier was this sweet little gazebos with stools to enjoy the view



Then it was time to head back home. Boy was Toby happy to see us!! It was such a wonderful little way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks for making it amazing James!! I love you!!

(This was the condensed version..aka what I took pictures of! Happy day to you!)


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  1. Congrats on the anniversary! I love the Outer Banks, its so relaxing there. You guys take cute pics 🙂

  2. What a fun trip! Gorgeous views, and now you got me cravin’ cornbread!

    Hey, my Mom said the exact same thing about clothes shopping!

  3. aww – what a great trip – love your pictures. Happy Anniversary! My BF and I have our 2 year anniversary coming up in a few weeks too! 🙂

  4. Such a great area.. we camped out not to far from the outlets last summer.. we are thinking about heading down there in a few weeks for a night, would you recommend the hotel?


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