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June 22, 2009 at 12:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I’m back!! What a WONDERFUL past few days I’ve had!! But let me start from the beginning…See it all reeeeallyy began on Thursday night. I went and picked James up from work and drove out to Chapel Hill! Which was fun because a.) I’m going there for law school next year and it makes me giddy just being on campus and b.) we were there for the birthday present I had gotten for James 🙂 I got him tickets to go see his FAVORITE public radio show….

Hi I’m Carl Kasell and this is…..


The NPR news quiz show and here’s your host…Peeeeetterrrr Seeeegaaalllll!!!!



MO ROCCA!!! He came and spoke at my undergrad and I’ve loved him ever since. Look at him being all pensive and preparing his brain for the challenging news show that awaits him…Will he win?? Will he embarrass himself and shame himself off public radio forever?? You’ll have to go here to find out…


But Peter Segal is ESPECIALLY cool in my book because he’s a RUNNER and occasionally has a column in Runner’s World….which I’ve informed J of about 100 times. I just want to make sure he remembers these important facts.


And who was the guest but Elizabeth Edwards!! I wish I had pictures but I was told that I wasn’t allowed to take any photos after I got these few blurry ones. Ah well! But you can listen to the broadcast that we saw on their website.This show is beyond hilarious and tests your knowledge of that week’s news 😉 And since James and I are both dorky poli sci majors we pretty much love it.


James was pretty much bouncing out of his seat the entire time we were there. He even banged his head into mine in his enthusiasm to whisper the answer to the questions to me. But I forgave him 🙂

We drove home buzzing and talking about how awesome the show was and passed out as soon as we flopped into our bed. The next more we woke up and fueled up for our next adventure:


French toast delicious. Whole wheat french toast with a smashed banana, defrosted berries and some maple syrup. With a pom spritza on the side. You know I love it.


Why don’t we do french toast more often?? Easy and delicioso!! And totally left be satisfied for hours on end. So where did our next adventure take us?? Stay tuned….

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