Stuffed Peppah

June 10, 2009 at 1:50 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Another day another dolla! But you know what today is?? LAW AND ORDER ON TV DAY!! I just found out that it’s on NBC on Tuesdays AND Wednesday. Is Christmas coming early this year? I think it is. **Edited to add: SVU ISN”T ON TONIGHT! Hockey is!!! So sad…at least I have a good book!**

Breakfast (smoothie), lunch (hummus wrap) and snacks (almonds and granola bar) were all unremarkable and therefore get no pictures.

Dinner on the other hand, was picture worthy since I had never made it before! My first  experience with stuffed peppahs.

For the filling I used a mixture of:

  • lentils and brown rice
  • tomato paste
  • pureed eggplant w/ garlic (aka failed attempt at making baba ghannouj)
  • chopped up zucchini
  • Sorry for no measurements! It was just kind of to taste. It’s nice because this recipe can be made for however many you want! I initially started off with just one for myself since James was working late tonight but when I told him what I made he requested one as well! Good thing these are super easy to whip up!


I microwaved the pepper half for a minute to soften it a little (quick cooking tip!!) and then baked it all up at 425* for 20 minutos.  Perfect amount of cooking time if you ask me. The outside got a little crispy which I like 🙂


It needed a little somethin somethin so when I made James’ later I added some of the homemade salsa. And obviously covered it in cheese because hello. It’s James. The salsa definitely did the trick (along with some texas pete, obvi)

James main food groups include bread, cheese and beer. For lunch he was deciding between a sub and a burrito but ultimately went with a sub since it had more bread. Ha.

Here’s another pic from when Mere was here and we went to visit Meredith college! Meredith pointing at Meredith!! It’s the little things that amuse me..

me and mere

And I just realized I never posted pictures from James’ birthday!! That will have to be rectified.

Today I went on the bike at my work’s gym. It felt good to do a little cardio. I did some weights too. I was reaching for the 8 pounders while these big meaty guys were going for the humongo weights! It was a little intimidating navigating my way through them…but I made it. I’m so lucky to have access to this gym! There was even a cardio class going on in the separate workout room while I was in there. Love that companies are starting to make their employees health a priority of sorts!

There is a maaaajor thunderstorm going on right now so I better finish this up. Hasta luego!!

Does your work do anything extra for their employees health? A lawyer I worked for in Asheville had someone come in to lead us in meditation twice a week! It was so wonderful and I thought it was so cool that she made that a priority. Everyone had to stop what they were doing no matter what to come and decompress. I hope if I ever have my own practice I get to do cool stuff like that 🙂


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  1. i always hate lifting weights at the gym -very intimidating with those macho macho men around!

  2. I go to an office yoga class once a week at work. It’s fantastic!

  3. I was upset about the hockey too! So inconsiderate of NBC!

  4. Owwwwww you so just inspired me. Making stuffed peppah’s soon 😉

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