Mug Brownie Success and Craziness

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Mug brownies are awesome!! I even used apple sauce instead of oil. Now don’t get me wrong, these didn’t taste like awesome amazing homemade brownies but they were good..and took about 3 minutes to put together for a warm homemade single serving brownie! James liked it too. He did say it had a “gummy” texture and I would have to agree. It’s best topped with ice cream 😉


And those are chocolate and peanut butter swirl chips right thurr.


Don’t worry. That’s James’ arm. Luckily mine does not have black fur on them.


Today has been a WHIRLWIND! James woke me up eearrllyyy this morning so we could hang out and go grocery shopping before he had to go go to work today.

Luckily he made me another egg-licious bfast to get me moving


Organic ketchup all over that. Plus pom + seltzer spritzer 


Then we went to Harris Teeter and Trader Joe’s and then went and played frisbee. If you’re a bad frisbee player (aka me) it’s great to have a dog. He can go get all of those off shots for you which meant he got some good exercise today! Some times I threw it straight and other times I would be aiming in front of me and it would go in a totally different direction. I find blaming it on the wind to be helpful.

When James went off to work I went on a cleaning marathon in preparation of my sister’s visit. What I’m dreading most is driving to the recycling place to take our bags and bags of recycling. Can you believe our apartment complex (or the one next store) has no recycling?! Whenever we ask about it they say they’re working on it. Annoying.

After a while of cleaning my tummy started rumbling and I knew it was time for some lunch!


Whole wheat wrap with hummus, refried black beans, carrots, salsa, spinach and tomatoes.


Then I had a couple bowls of puffed rice and almond milk with honey…and some Trader Joe’s All Fruit Bars Ends & Pieces (love these!). Cleaning works up an appetite ya know 😉

Okay gotta go put laundry in the dryer!

Leftovers are Betta

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I spent the rest of my afternoon digging into the Wally Lamb book I know this Much Is True. I like it so far! I love going to my parents house because I just say “Give me books!” and my step dad and Mom start throwing books at me that are “so won’t be able to put it down.” I love finding those books I can’t put down and think about even when I’m not reading it. I seriously LIVE for those books. Of course no one is as big of a reader or book lover as my sister who I get to see on Sunday!!! YAY!

Dinner tonight was leftovers! How is it that leftovers often taste better the second time around? The flavors just have the right amount of time to get to know each other better 😉 I had the Quinoa Salad with Asparagus and Shrimp from the other night. Mmm Mm good!


What you’re observing right now are a melding of flavors and textures. Enjoy.


And then I did some Yoga…


Oh wait! That’s not me! That’s Toby who has been monopolizing my mat this evening. I think he mistook it for a giant pillow. Not so much T-dizzle.

So later I may try to make a Mug Brownie for James. Anyone ever try one of these before? I will definitely post my findings if I do! Brownie made in the microwave? Cray Cray.

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