It’s hard to be a Toby…

June 4, 2009 at 2:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Good morning!

James and I are geeking out right now and watching a documentary we got from Netflix. It’s a series from the history channel about all the presidents! I know we’re super cool.  We were both poli sci majors so we can understand each other’s love for all things political 😉

While learning about how the first President’s rocked (and how Thomas Jefferson used to answer the door to the white house in his slippers!!) I made myself a delish bowl of oat bran. I made it on the stove top this morning which definitely gives it a creamier and less dense texture.


I topped it with an egg over easy, some Texas Pete and salsa. Mmm…

We all got out of bed this morning…well almost everyone…


It’s so hard to be a Toby….


Toby’s morning routine includes getting up with me around 7, getting fed, then going back to bed with James until he gets up around 9.  He usually stays in bed a little longer than James too..just to make sure he’s not coming back. What a life!

Now that I know I have a job to go to on Monday, I can sit back and relax this week! I’m making another trip to Whole Foods later to get some ingredients for a recipe I want to try and buy some shampoo and conditioner for James.

See ya for lunch!


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  1. I’m new here.. stumbled on your blog this morning.. it’s a slow day at work so I’ve been reading some of your back post.. Toby is gorgeous!! and the “yellow dog” story brought a tear to my eye.. (I have a soft spot for dogs! and own a lab puppy!)

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