Disappointing Canned Soup

June 4, 2009 at 5:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Toby and I went for a little walk this morning down to the leasing office to pay rent. That’s the longest I’ve walked in a week and a half!! I am definitely sore from my arm/ab workout yesterday though and my legs feel a little sore from it all too (I guess from all the planks/push ups/extended leg crunches?). I don’t want to overdo it today so  I may do some light yoga later but that’s it. Definitely learning to listen to my body better through all of this.

I had one of my fave snacks/desserts/pieces of delicious ever around 11 today:


Mashed banana mixed with PB one some kind of carby hand to mouth transportation. Oh yes. Looks disgusting, tastes delicious.

One the lunch menu was some black bean soup. I pretty much never buy canned soup because I figure I can make it myself but this looked pretty good and ya know it’s nice to sometimes have something to throw together a quick meal.




It was okay..not great. I added some Texas Pete and a dollop of Greek Yogurt which helped but I won’t get this again. It was super oniony ..I think that was the problem. I couldn’t taste any of the other ingredients really..it was just ONION. And I like onion and all..but I wasn’t getting onion soup here…I wanted some beany goodness! Ah well.


I served myself up about half of the can and on the side had a mini pita (80 cals) with paprika hummus in it (this stuff is awesome..seriously. My new fave flavor), and some spinach with balsamic vin for green.


This half of my lunch did not disappoint. I love vinegar!! mmm…And now I’m going to go take a shot of apple cider vinegar.  It’s great when something you love is also good for you

And, ya know a few fig newmans for dessert :) 

Alright. Nothing big on the agenda for today! Sometimes that’s nice but I still feel a little guilty like I SHOULD be doing something. We’ll see how the day goes!

What’s your fave hummus flavor??



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  1. smooshed nana, pb, and carbs.. no better combo in my opinion 🙂

  2. That’s good to know about the soup! It doesn’t look like lots of beans in there.

    I like plain or garlic hummus, but I also like the scallion hummus in the TJs Quartet.

  3. I so want to try that hummus! I’ll have to look for it!

    Sorry the soup sucked!

    Hehe, I like “pieces of delicious.”

    So behind on my commenting but I am reading!

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