I love Asheville Part 2

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For James’ birthday, he wanted to go back to visit Asheville since it had been a whole 7 months since he had last been! That’s the longest he had been away since he first moved there when he was in 7th grade!

You always know you’re getting close when you start seeing mountains


Such an awesome sight! We need to protect these mountains.

One of my favorite parts of Asheville is the downtown. It’s so incredibly walk able with great independent shops and restaurants.

Asheville downtown from a distance:


There are tons of trees, friendly people and a great vibe.



My step dad and James outside of the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar. This place has the coolest second hand books with sections like U.S. Presidents, The South, and Classic Fiction. They have these big chairs and couches that just tell you to sit there for hours reading. And, hello, they have a champagne bar. So unique and awesome!



Pritchard Park is in the middle of downtown and every Friday night they have a drum circle in the summer. This is honestly what made me fall in love with Asheville. People from all walks of life come to this drum circle and meld together and all of their differences fall away. It’s amazing to watch and really exemplifies the sense of community that is present all over Asheville.



Rosetta’s Kitchen

Rosetta’s Kitchen is James and my favorite restaurant to go to in Asheville. It’s good for late night grub, dinner, lunch..anytime! It’s a vegetarian place with an awesome mission statement I just have to share:

We exist to nourish. We are dedicated to doing so by offering creative flavorful foods made of fresh whole foods, with a focus on local, seasonal selections, and honest open ingredient integrity. We also seek foster an enriching space through close relationships with artists, musicians, and community groups; and maintaining a collective sense of humor. We strive to create a friendly inclusive atmosphere respectful of individual dietary choices, lifestyles, and backgrounds; and to honor the needs of our customers, community, and selves equally.

How awesome is that? Really, who wouldn’t want to eat here?














We took our seat at our usual place. Rosetta’s is upstairs  in an old building and there is an area where you can sit at a bar at a big opening. It’s lovely.


James got the special which was a Buffalo Burger. It was a veggie burger covered in a homemade buffalo sauce (which tasted like it had some teryaki in it??) and had cole slaw and onions on top. Plus it was on a great, hearty whole wheat bun.


This burger was such a great medley of textures and flavors. Every bite was a little difference and it had the perfect amount of spice. The buffalo sauce was out of this world. I wish I had the recipe!!


I got their tacos off of the small plates menu.

Three soft corn tacos with vegan chorizo, rice, romaine lettuce and homemade salsa.


This had a smokey flavor that was complimented perfectly by their homemade salsa.. I liked the texture that was created by blending the chorizo and rice together with all of the different spices. 


And you can bet I used some of their homemade ketchup on this too. How could I resist?!

Toby of course came with us to Asheville, too. We went into Fresh Market for a second to get some flowers for my Mom and came back out to find him in his usual position, floating head in the window.


He quickly forgave us for leaving him momentarily when we got back to the car though, especially when we let him stick his head out the window.


That’s a happy dog.

It was a fantastic weekend!

We got to do everything we wanted and didn’t feel rushed. I wish I had taken more pictures to share! We went to the Mountain Sports Festival, a frisbee golf tournament ( Part of it was some professionals throwing frisbees from roof to roof downtown! Nuts!), used a gift certificate at a delicious (fancy!) restaurant, and had breakfast at James’ favorite breakfast place, Sunny Point. If anyone ever wants to go to A-town, lemme know, I can give you the scoop on all the good places 😉

Another week ahead of us! I have an appointment with a different orthopedist on Tuesday. I’m thinking I may have a stress fracture in my hip. For a while I thought I just pulled a groin muscle, but it never got better and apparently that’s what a hip fracture feels like. Not so good.  

I haven’t done any kind of cardio since Tuesday, hoping that would just let me heal once and for all. I’m going a little nuts but I know it’s the only way that my leg will heal (too bad it’s taken me 3 months to realize this! I’m stubborn.)  It’s already feeling better so it’ll all be worth it in the end!

Time to watch West Wing 🙂 Night!

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