Lazy Saturday

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Today started  off with a cooling bowl of cereal


  • Life cereal
  • strawberries
  • unsweetened almond milk
  • raisins
  • ground flax seeds


Plus coffee 🙂 Delish!

Rewinding to the other night, I was in a baking kind of mood and decided the people I work with (and James) could benefit from that!

My first thought was to try one of Tina’s recipes. I settled on her Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins with some modifications. One of the modifications was to use this guy:


When I got him, I knew his destiny was going to be in a baked good. His twin is still in the freezer awaiting a similar fate 🙂

Other modifications: halved the amount of sugar, used apple sauce instead of oil, added crushed peanuts (so they would still have the same peanut butter/chocolate feel to them!), almond milk instead of soy milk.

They turned out great! They baked a little longer, maybe 28 minutes?


Sorry for the not so great pictures. Our apartment has terrible lighting.


I think the combo of chocolate and peanuts is to die for. I first tried this combo when I had a Sugar Mommas Cookie in Asheville (which, by the way, makes the best cookies ever. Really…if you have taste buds, and are ever in Asheville, you NEED to get a cookie there!).

These muffins were so moist. It felt like eating such a decadent treat. Especially with the slivers of chocolate was like they were swirled with melted chocolate. My co workers loved these and even asked for the recipe! I don’t think they believed me when I told them there was nothing bad in there. Don’t ya love that??

Fun Weekend To Dos:

  • Long Walk With Toby
  • Meal Plan
  • Grocery shop
  • Manicure and Pedicure (James got me a gift certificate! woooo!\ Hello sandal weather!)
  • PT Exercises (okay so I’m trying to look at them as fun..but let’s be real)
  • Work out

Also on my agenda:


(Hi Toby!)

This book is SO GOOD! Oh man. I was in quite a book rut for a while but after reading The Glass Castle  (fantastic!) and now this one, I think I’m out of it. I can’t put this book down. It’s about a crime committed on an Amish farm and a lawyer from outside the community has to go live on the farm to defend the accused girl. The set up seems a little unlikely but the writing is wonderful and you just get completely sucked in.  Love it!

What book are you reading now?? I feel like I need to get in all the pleasure reading I can before law school!!

Fiesta Bowl

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No, I didn’t go to Taco Bell (though, I must admit, I made my fair share of trips for “fourth meal” back in college).

Last night’s dinner was inspired by Ms. Gliding Calm and her refried beans + veggie bowls. Refried beans are  just delicious and comforting to me.

Other then the delicious refried beans, my bowl had some frozen chopped spinach, frozen corn, tomato,  some TJ’s chips, and some local black bean and corn salsa my company gave us on Earth Day! Which was SO good with just the perfect amount of spice. Black beans and corn is definitely a winning combo in my book.



I partly ate this with a fork, partly scooped it up with the chips. It was really satisfying and had the perfect combo of warmth (from the heated refried beans, corn and spinach) and cool (tomatoes + salsa). 

Product Review

IMG_2319 IMG_2321

I liked these chips a lot. You could definitely taste the corn and potato in there. I like that they have all those different components to them. It made for a tasty, crispy chip! The tag line for them also gave me a chuckle “Tortilla Chips with an Identity Crisis” Ha. I love all the different chips that TJ’s has! I have a secret goal to try them all….

Check out my reviews for other TJ’s chips:

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Veggie Flax Chips

Running Update:

So my leg is still in pain…only now it has moved from my knee to my hip. Needless to say, I haven’t been running. I emailed my physical trainer about my hip and he sent me more exercises to do. I did them today and cried a little bit.

  • Wall sit for 2 minutes 30 seconds (!!!)
  • Forard Lunge 1:15 each leg
  • Lateral Lunge 1:15 each leg
  • Split squats :45 each (From standing position lift leg onto block or chair. Slowly lower until front knee is bent, make sure knee does not pass the toes. Hold.)
  • Calves 2:00 (Sitting on a block or chair lift heels and press down into the balls of your feet. Hold.)
  • Squats 100 reps

James came home in the middle of me doing all of this and I told him I was glad he got home before I died.

These static exercises kick my butt! My legs were shaking and I was begging my stop watch to go faster!! I definitely feel it in my legs today! High heels were not a good call…but it’s always rewarding to feel the buuuuurnnnn…

I’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ baking in the oven right’ll just have to wait to find out what 😉

Later gators!

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