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There is something amazing and mystical about a taco truck. You never know where they’re going to be or  when they’re going to be there. You basically have to go into stealth ninja mode to hunt them down (I think that reference is stemming from the fact that James made me watch Beverly Hills Ninja last night..but I digress)

On Saturday, James and I ventured over to Durham to visit our friend Tomas. Last time James had gone he had gone to a taco truck and said how amazing and cool it was. I mean come on, it’s a taco truck. It HAS to be amazing and cool. So I had one requirement when we went there…I want a taco truck!

But Tomas did me one better, and he found a taco BUS!





Unfortunately, this bus had no vegetarian options. Instead they had things like cow head, cow tongue, and pig innards wrapped in lard. Yummmm….

The boys each got a chicken taco for a steal of 2 bucks each!

Mmm homemade taco bus salsa…..


And seriously, dig the presentation. I mean this is take away, folks! I was v. impressed.


They said the taco bus was even BETTER than their previous taco truck experience! Woo! A reason to go back to Durham! Oh..and the visit Tomas.

Next we ventured over to Green Room which was basically a huge room with billiard tables and a juke box. It was a very cool and laid back atmosphere. And, most importantly, they let us bring Toby inside! Sweet!!

Toby wanted to come sit next to me.


He seriously thinks he’s a people! What’s up with this dog??


Note how he is sitting with his butt on the upper step and feet on the lower one. Weird dog I tell you.

Overall, a very fun night!

Would you eat/have you eaten from a taco bus?? Seriously Durham has all kinds of food trucks! Later that night while we were at a different bar we saw a burger truck! Nuts.


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  1. There is some pickle bus thing that shows up here around festivals. It’s not as authentic, but it’s still eating out of a large pickle bus.

    Murphy thinks he is a people too.

  2. There are lunch trucks in Miami (popular at construction sites) but their nickname is “roach coaches” — ew! I am sure Raleigh/Durham is cleaner that Miami though.

  3. My friend’s brother had a taco truck come at the end of his wedding for all their drunk friends – ha! I’ve never tried one, though! There are apparently all these gourmet ones popping up though, so I’d like to try one of those!

  4. Portland is known for their food carts, but I’ve never been to one! Bad food blogger! Your food looks amazing! I can taste it through the screen!

  5. taco bus!!?? thats too cool!

  6. My golden retriever, Oscar, sits like that on our front steps! i love it. and I need to find myself a taco bus…like ASAP. those tacos look seriously delicious.

  7. Do you only eat veg food? What a shame you wouldn’t partake from the taco bus!

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