Pad Thai + Planners

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My hip is feeling SO much better today!! There was nooo pain at all during the day and very little after my workout..which was great! I did an interval hill walking workout on the treadmill.

Minute Speed Incline
0-5 3.5 3% – 5%
5-7 3.7 7%
7-9 3.7 8%
9-11 3.9 7%
11-16 3.9 10%
16-21 3.7 8%
21-22 4 7%
22-23 4 9%
23-24 4 11%
24-25 4 7%
25-26 4 9%
26-27 3.7 10%
27-29 3.7 12%
29-31 3.8 13%
31-33 3.8 14%
33-35 3.8 11%
35-38 4.0 7%
38-40 3.7 5%-3%


I love doing intervals like this!! I get so sweaty and feel like I’ve gotten a great workout even though I’m not running (maybe even better??). I also love when I start and I feel like 7% is so high and then I get up to 14% and 7% seems like NOTHING! It makes me feel so strong!

Tonight’s dinner was so easy. I usually don’t like buying pre made meals but I recognized all the ingredients with this one and sometimes it’s just nice to not have to prepare something crazy.

Trader Joe’s Pad Thai

IMG_2504  IMG_2506

Since I really didn’t want to just have noodles for dinner, I bulked it up with some frozen veggies: Trader Joe’s Harvest Hodge Podge, and some Trader Joe’s String Bean Mix. I also wanted some protein so I added chick peas which tasted really good with this!


I didn’t use the whole package of sauce either. Just personal preference! And I’m taking leftovers for lunch tomorrow so this definitely turned this into more than just 2 servings!


We added a scrambled egg to it and some crushed peanut on top that made it taste more “authentic”. The sauce was spot on and so were the noodles. James wanted it to be spicier. He didn’t think it tasted like restaurant pad thai, but still thought  it was good. Since there wasn’t any spice to it really (but I like it like that!) and in all fairness, it said mild on the package.

Caution: Dorky organizational side about to come out….



Isn’t it SO CUTE?!


And it has boxes where you can check off things when you do them!!!!


I’m in love. I can’t believe I have to wait until June to start using it. Think this will suffice for law school Ms. Healthy Lawyer??

Toby’s version of DOGA….

So as I’m many other dog owners know, doing yoga or basically any exercise on the floor while your loving and adoring friend is nearly impossible. Every time I’m in child’s pose Toby tries to dig his head under my head and start licking my face. And not gently or anything..I mean this dog is DETERMINED to get to my face and lick it. Because obviously that’s why I’m on the floor. 

James got a picture of him stalking me while I was listening to a yoga podcast. This was post him trying to wash my face with his tongue.


He wants to be a yogi!

Time for some R&R before another day at trabajo!

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