The Joys of Living with a Boy….

May 3, 2009 at 6:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Look what I came out to this morning and a note with my feeling on the matter:


A partially eaten piece of bread on our TV stand!

When James came out and saw my note he said "Oh! I was wondering where that went!” and then proceeded to eat the rest of the bread. I was about on the floor laughing. 

Dinner last night was a new product we tried from Trader Joe’s. We like to let ourselves get one fun thing to try new each week! It’s a fun way to try new things and makes for fun dinners! It’s less expensive then going out but keeps things interesting and gives us something to look forward to.

Dinner consisted of: Artichoke Ravioli, marinara sauce with veggies and steamed broccoli


These raviolis were HUGE! Look how much of my bowl they take up:


James wanted me to take a picture of his plate because he said it looked better…I had to agree.


Simpler Times beer from Trader Joe’s – James loves this stuff so much he got a flat of it! It’s really a bargain for the quality of beer it is. I think it’s $4.99 for a 6 pack of cans? Am I right James?


French bread from Whole Foods, steamed broccoli with a little balsamic vinegar on top.


The marinara sauce has some frozen mixed veggies, peas, onion, and some stewed tomatoes I had leftover from the taco salad I made the other night.


Mmm mmm good! I’ve gotta say, I wasn’t sure how the stewed tomatoes would be in this sauce but they were really fantastic! I loved the extra dimension of flavor it gave to this. I will definitely be doing that again!

The Artichoke Ravioli from Trader Joe’s were pretty good. I wish the taste of artichoke had been a little more prevalent. The pasta tasted fresh though. I don’t have pasta often but I really enjoyed these, especially paired with a lot of veggies!

Well I have my appointment to get my nails done at 3! Woohoo! I’m still trying to decide on a color….Then when James gets home we’re going to go walk around this lake.

Hope you’re all having a nice Sunday!


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  1. Boys are so funny sometimes 🙂

  2. Toby didn’t gobble that bread up? Murphy would have been all over it! Jason bought that Simpler TImes beer last week too. I forgot to ask how it was.

  3. That ravioli looks so delicious. I’ve never had TJ beer, but I love their wine… I can’t wait until I move home and it’s easier to get to the store.

    (I’m glad there’s another gefilte freak in the world 🙂 )

  4. The other day I called my hubby into the kitchen like I had something really exciting to show him. He came in and I pointed to the mess he left me on the stove and I said, “This is not acceptable.” Am I his wife or his mother?

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