Lazy Saturday

May 2, 2009 at 4:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Today started  off with a cooling bowl of cereal


  • Life cereal
  • strawberries
  • unsweetened almond milk
  • raisins
  • ground flax seeds


Plus coffee 🙂 Delish!

Rewinding to the other night, I was in a baking kind of mood and decided the people I work with (and James) could benefit from that!

My first thought was to try one of Tina’s recipes. I settled on her Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins with some modifications. One of the modifications was to use this guy:


When I got him, I knew his destiny was going to be in a baked good. His twin is still in the freezer awaiting a similar fate 🙂

Other modifications: halved the amount of sugar, used apple sauce instead of oil, added crushed peanuts (so they would still have the same peanut butter/chocolate feel to them!), almond milk instead of soy milk.

They turned out great! They baked a little longer, maybe 28 minutes?


Sorry for the not so great pictures. Our apartment has terrible lighting.


I think the combo of chocolate and peanuts is to die for. I first tried this combo when I had a Sugar Mommas Cookie in Asheville (which, by the way, makes the best cookies ever. Really…if you have taste buds, and are ever in Asheville, you NEED to get a cookie there!).

These muffins were so moist. It felt like eating such a decadent treat. Especially with the slivers of chocolate was like they were swirled with melted chocolate. My co workers loved these and even asked for the recipe! I don’t think they believed me when I told them there was nothing bad in there. Don’t ya love that??

Fun Weekend To Dos:

  • Long Walk With Toby
  • Meal Plan
  • Grocery shop
  • Manicure and Pedicure (James got me a gift certificate! woooo!\ Hello sandal weather!)
  • PT Exercises (okay so I’m trying to look at them as fun..but let’s be real)
  • Work out

Also on my agenda:


(Hi Toby!)

This book is SO GOOD! Oh man. I was in quite a book rut for a while but after reading The Glass Castle  (fantastic!) and now this one, I think I’m out of it. I can’t put this book down. It’s about a crime committed on an Amish farm and a lawyer from outside the community has to go live on the farm to defend the accused girl. The set up seems a little unlikely but the writing is wonderful and you just get completely sucked in.  Love it!

What book are you reading now?? I feel like I need to get in all the pleasure reading I can before law school!!


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  1. Yum, those look fab! I am thinking of making a small batch of cookies w/ my last mini bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Though I’m supposed to be cutting back on sugar, d’oh!

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