It’s Pronounced N’awlins.

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My trip to New Orleans was perfect. I couldn’t have asked for it to go any better. Seriously.

Well except for the fact that my flight there was delayed 5 hours due to bad weather but that can easily be overlooked….

I spent my weekend seeing amazing music, eating delicious food and hanging out with my lovely friends.

I really loved everything about this city. I mean look how cute the houses are???


Friday night we were lucky enough to have Erin’s dad boil some crawfish for us! This was my first time having crawfish so I was pretty pumped. The frats at my college used to have crawfish boils but really….going to a frat house and eating things poured onto a long table never sounded appetizing shockingly enough.

Live crawfish:


Can you believe the humungous plates that you get to eat crawfish in?? When I first saw them I thought that was the plate for the table!!

These were AMAZING! It was my first time trying crawfish and Erin’s dad did it up RIGHT! There were mushrooms, potatoes, celery, garlic and tons of seasoning in there. And eating them is such a nice social event. They take so long to peel and eat that we just got to sit in the beautiful Louisiana night air enjoying each other’s company.

Apparently peeling crawfish is quite the art! I got the hang of it eventually. It was like eating little mini lobster tails. I want more!


Saturday was GORGEOUS and we drove over the Strawberry festival! We took a causeway that went right down the center of a huge lake! It was so beautiful! I miss living near the water!


Of course we had to sample all the delicious food at the strawberry festival!

Some strawberry custard aka the best custard ever.


Strawberry daquiris made with FRESH strawberries!! They were so good!


We really wanted some face painting nachos. We just thought that sounded fantastic! haha joke.


Then Erin said she just had to have some gator on a stick:


And Colleen really wanted to try a fried snickers:


Then we went and had lunch by the water! I got a grouper wrap with mango chutney. It was so good! I think grouper is my fave fish.






Then that night was filled with even more fun – and began with …



I got the Pina Colada flavor. It was SO good! Definitely not artificial tasting at all. Very fresh and perfect for a nice spring night.

We walked with our daquiris down to the streetcar to go to the French Quarter. (Excuse the was really windy!)


And to the infamous Bourbon Street!!!


And what do you know, there was  a PIRATE festival going on!!!


There were SO many pirates! It was NUTS!




We also went to Cafe du Monde and got beignets and Cafe Au Laits.


Look at that powdered sugar!!! These were basically fried dough with a very large amount of powdered sugar on it. Perfect way to complete my New Orleans experience 🙂

As you can probably tell, I let myself really splurge this weekend. I told myself before I left that I was going to just let go and have fun. It was totally worth it. I had a wonderful time and got to experience everything I wanted to without feeling an ounce of guilt. I got to work out on Friday while I was at Tulane and spent Saturday walking around all day.

This week I am back on track with my eating and exercising. Everything in moderation, right? I think it’s fine to let loose on special occasions…as long as everything isn’t a special occasion!

So I want some more crawfish! Hopefully I can find some around here!

What’s your favorite town/city to go to for food? Every city I’ve lived in has had such good food in it’s own right! It’s hard to pick! I do miss the Cuban food from Miami though….



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  1. I haven’t lived in many “food” towns but I guess I’d have to say MD (where I’m originally from) because of the crabs!

    I went to N.O for Mardi Gras several years ago and had this cheesy crawfish bread that they were just selling on the street that was possibly the best thing I’ve ever tasted! That might have been the alcohol making me think that though!

  2. Hi! I also had crawfish this weekend and went to the Strawberry Festival! I live about 35min from Ponchatoula, towards Baton Rouge! I actually graduated from SLU which is one town over from where you were at the festival. Hope you had a blast and will be back soon!!! =)

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