Radio Dish

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 I love things that are passed down. I love the history behind it, the stories and the feelings that are always attached to it.

I love the ring my mom gave my for my 21st birthday – the first nice piece of jewelry she had ever received.


I love my red hair that I got from my grandpa

J & H in Sanford

And I love recipes. I love the recipes that taste like home. The most infamous recipe in our family is radio dish. My great grandmother got this recipe during the depression. It’s called radio dish because, well, she heard it on the radio. It’s made of simple, inexpensive ingredients. It isn’t a glamorous meal, but to me it’s home.

When I e-mailed my mom for the recipe, this is what I got:

“Here’s the radio dish recipe:  Sliced raw potatoes
                                          Sliced onions
                                          Sliced green peppers
                                          l lb. ground beef
                                         3 cans tomato soup (original recipe said 2 but 3 is better)
                                         1/4 cup water

                                         Repeat layers in 13 inch casserole dish, cover with aluminum foil, and bake for 3 hours at 275-300 degrees.”

Not too specific! Here are the quantities I used: 3 potatoes, 2 green peppers, 1 medium onion, 2 cans of tomato soup, 1 package of soy crumbles and 1,25 cups of brown rice.


Apparently the Smart Ground was on sale, but any of the frozen crumbles work too!


Here’s it out of the package. For some reason I thought people might be interested to see what it looks like…


The soup:


In the casserole dish, pre soup:


Post soup and crumbles:


After being baked for 3 hours:


I really can’t even tell you how good this tasted. I’m feeling a little under the weather and this was JUST what I needed. It is just what I remembered it tasting like!! It’s just so warm and  full of comfort. I love it.


My salad had spinach, mushrooms, and yellow squash with balsamic vinegar and peanut sauce on top.


Thankfully, this makes a LOT of food which makes the 3 hours of waiting all worth it! And also means that I will be happy with leftovers for a long while!

I have a Physical Therapy appointment at 7:30 AM tomorrow. Blech! Can anyone tell me what to expect?? Will I need to shower again after it ? I hope not (have to go to work directly from PT!).  I’m going to get a foam roller from them. They said they will be able to tell me what density I need…plus the rollers there are waaaay less expensive then other places I’ve looked.

What’s a family tradition that always makes you feel the warmth of home??


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  1. Mmm I love recipes with a real meaning behind them 🙂

  2. Hooray for radio dish! Thanks for posting the recipe b/c I didn’t have it! I will add it to the cookbook you made me 🙂
    As for physical therapy, when I went for my broken elbow I don’t remember sweating. It definitely hurt (probably because it was broken and I waited 24 hours before telling anyone haha). I mostly did things with resistance bands and little weights and a stress ball. I also soaked it in a hot whirlpool. That’s it! 🙂

  3. You will love your foam roller! Mine has been priceless!

    Good luck at PT. When I have been in the past, the first visit is usually a full assessment and then they will probably show you some exercises to help with your injury. I hope that the PT helps!

  4. Awww, Radio Dish! I remember it fondly. Thanks so much for posting the recipe, Hil. And congrats on law school!


  5. Yay for family traditions and things passed down. There’s so much already in the world – it’s great to enjoy what we already have, especially when it has meaning, you know?

    We always wear reindeer antlers and dance around at Christmas/Hanukkah/solstice and it’s a lot of fun!

  6. Cooking together in the kitchen or eating together is what I always love about being back home!

    Thanks for sharing that scrumptious recipe!!

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  8. Yum, i am going to make this bake tonight for my ravenous 14 year old son and my mom, how thinly do you slice the potato? I am not so great at eyeballing potato things!

    • seaofsilver hmm I would say to cut the potato about 1/4 inc in thickness?? Whatever your preference is really! 3 hours in the oven will cook it right up! let me know how it goes!

  9. totally easy to throw together!!! Popped it in and the house smells AMAZING!!! I used the smart crumbly-bites ($3.99) not on sale.

    Can’t wait!

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  11. […] sure what to make . . . my ancestry is German, Russian, British, and Irish. Maybe I will just make Radio Dish, unless you all can help me come up with a better idea that’s both vegan and doesn’t […]

  12. […] radio dish is a recipe my great grandmother heard on the radio (hence the name) during the depression. it’s made of simple, inexpensive ingredients that were easily acquired during that time period as well as today. and best of all, it’s warm and delicious, the perfect comfort food. […]

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