Rainy Sunday

March 1, 2009 at 9:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

And what better way to brighten it up than with some pancakes!

I used a whole wheat mix we had gotten on sale a while back that was made by Hungry Jack (I checked their website for the product but it’s not there! Maybe it was being discontinued and that’s why it was on sale…)

Unfortunately James has to work today so I whipped up a batch for him while he was getting ready:

James’ stack with my strawberry pancakes cooking in the background:


My strawberry pancakes with a small mashed banana on top plus a drizzle of PB. Plus an iced coffee with 1/2 tsp of dark chocolate cacoa, stevia in the raw packet and splash of half&half mixed in (my new fave coffee drink!!)




Yumm! I loved this mix of flavors. And mashing the banana up always akes it sweeter. Way better then just having some syrup on top in my opinion. I gave James’ a bite and he said it tasted like a danish. I have to agree.

After breakfast, and when James had left for work, I did an hour long yoga session from YogaDownload.  It was the free donation based session on their podcast. It wasn’t my favorite though. It was focused on compassionate living and there was a lot of instruction on what to be thinking about and focusing on. I really like to make yoga a time to let my mind be mellow and just focus on the movements. But It definitely worked out my legs! In a minute, I’m going to venture over the apartment gym and do some light ellipticizing.

Too bad it has NOT stopped raining since my run yesterday! It’s a monsoon out there!

Tonight’s forecast:

Rain / Snow / Wind
Rain / Snow / Wind
27° F

Crazy! Hope everyone else is staying dry!! We have a trip to Trader Joes planned for later! Yay!

What’s your favorite way to have your pancakes??



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  1. I love the pancakes and I think they taste better on Sundays

  2. I don’t like pancakes, but my favorite way to eat waffles is with blueberries and nuts (walnuts or pecans) mixed in the batter – yum!


  3. Yummy pancakes. I had some yesterday. My favorite way to have pancakes is plain wheat pancakes.

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