A Harvest Hodgepodge

February 21, 2009 at 7:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

This morning I had a 10 miler scheduled and I’m not going to lie, I reeeeeally had to force myself to go. I didn’t sleep that well last night (crazy dreams!) and I have an awful blister on the arch of my right foot. I got it from my long run last weekend and well, I was stupid and did nothing about it so it just got worse. You would think I would have learned by now…but no. So I just kind of limped along and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty proud of myself for finishing!

I ran a 4 mile loop and then came back to pick up T-Dizzle for the other 6 miles. He was very sad when I first left for the 4 miles..I tried to tell him I would be right back but he didn’t get it and ended up running out the front door and laying down in the hallway so I couldn’t leave him. But once I told him to come back in I was on my way…even though I did feel a little guilty for leaving him.

I made a yummy lunch for myself when I got back. I have come to LOVE lentils so I cooked some up with chopped carrots and onions.


Then I used TE BEST frozen mix from TJ’s. Last time we were there it was the last one! Luckily, James brought his A game on and snatched it up.


I put some lentils, hodgepode and black beans in a bowl topped with some soy sauce.


Now that’s a hodge podge mix right there! Fast and delish.

But I still had to get some carbs in so I broke out a new product that I’ve seen around a bunch and my mom  was recently telling me how great it was


For my first piece of Ezekiel I put some peanut butter and some honey I got from the farmer’s market.



Yummm!! Note the delish peanut chunks. Life is good. Now I am going to watch some West Wing.

Have a fab Saturday! Maybe I’ll actually do some errands? Ehh that’s what Sunday’s for…


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  1. Ain’t NOTHING BETTER than farmer’s market honey!
    Toby sounds like such a sweetie. 🙂
    I hope your blister pops and doesn’t come back! Great run today!

  2. You are doing the ING too, right? Which training plan are you using? I am only at 8 miles on mine!

  3. […] I really didn’t want to just have noodles for dinner, I bulked it up with some frozen veggies: Trader Joe’s Harvest Hodge Podge, and some Trader Joe’s String Bean Mix. I also wanted some protein so I added chick peas which […]

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