It’s Sushi Time

February 18, 2009 at 2:40 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

I was so glad this morning when I didn’t know the temperature before I went for my run. When I got back and turned on the news they said it was 23* outside!! I definitely would have considered going to the apartment gym if I had known that. But instead, I braved the outside and got in a nice morning run….even if my hands were hurting a little from the cold!!

Big News of Today: Obama signed the stimulus package. Unfortunately, the market still plummeted. Obama has said that we will measure it’s success by the lowering of the unemployment rate let’s hope that’s true.

I also heard on NPR today about zombie banks! Which they described as dead banks that are still walking around and trying to eat people. That’s good reporting right there! haha I definitely got a kick out of it! Sometimes you just have to laugh right?

Onto the food!

Making dinner tonight was such a blast! I highly recommend trying to make your own sushi! James and I were even thinking the next time we have people over we could have a sushi making party and just line a bunch of different stuff up for people to make their own rolls.

You really don’t need anything too crazy or fancy to make these either. We didn’t have a sushi making kit or anything.

All that we did have to get for the occasion was seaweed:


And Wasabi:


For the rice:  I just used some brown rice we had gotten in the bulk bin at Whole Foods. It was probably a little more then a cup. First I brought the rice and 2 cups of water to a bowl, turned the heat to LOW and covered it for 15 minutes. Then I came back, stirred it around and kept adding a little bit of water every few minutes until I got the sticky consistency I was looking for. Then I took it off the burner and let it cool for a bit.  Later I added about 1/4 c. of rice vinegar and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Then I placed a piece of seaweed, shiny side down, on the cutting board and spread the brown rice out with a spatula:



Then…the fun part.


TOPPINGS! We had a spread of some cucumber, carrots, low fat cream cheese, avocado and little shrimpys.


Yummm! Now roll it up.


And chop chop chop chop…..


James completed the experience by breaking out some chop sticks he had found in the kitchen at his work…yesssssss…..




This was delish!  And so fun! (Do you like our daffodils that we got at TJ’s this weekend?? Spring come soon!!)

James was in charge of the second roll and got all fancy shamncy. I don’t even know what all went in this. Definitely some Texas Pete!


Check out the end piece he did up like pro:


Who said a Tuesday night couldn’t be fun?

And there’s a new Law and Order:SVU on tonight…too bad it’s on at 10. I’m not sure I can keep my eyes open!! Who have I become??

What is the meal you have the most fun making/eating??

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