It’s Friday!

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I tend to watch Good Morning America in the morning while I make breakfast and let me tell you the three stories people cannot get enough of this week

  1. Octuplet mom
  2. Hudson river miracle
  3. Peanut recall

All pretty shocking stories. The guy who owned the peanut factory actually KNEW about the salmonella but kept telling people to ship stuff. I think I heard yesterday that 9 people have died and 400 have gotten sick. So ridiculous that a lot of that could have been prevented.

Onto breakfast. Same thing as yesterday plus some blackberries.


I went a little crazy with the ketchup…I had to scrape some off!

Let’s hope the office isn’t full of valentine’s day candy!!!

What’s your favorite holiday candy?

I like Easter! Those egg shaped reese’s are amaaaaaing! Perfect chocolate to peanut butter ratio! I hope the salmonella outbreak didn’t effect them!

I Want It Again!

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First off…. Happy 200th Birthday to Prez Lincoln and Darwin! Isn’t it wild they were born on the same day??

I had another wonderful and satisfying lunch today! An old favorite, tuna salad. I try not to eat it very often due to the whole mercury content thing but every once and a while it’s safe… and delicious 🙂

This mix contains: one can of tuna, plain yogurt, cabbage, cucumbers, mustard, pepper, balsamic vinegar.


mmm mmm good! Not very tantalizing in the tupperware but you know how it goes.

When I got home from work today I did 20 minutes of Power Vinyasa #4 from Yoga Download. It was great! I’m definitely liking yoga the more I do it. i still have a hard time with the time spent in childs pose and shivasana. I think I just need to learn to relax, let my mind concentrate on my breathing and be satisfied with that.

I was on my own for dinner tonight since James works until 9 pm tonight. Boo.

And dinner tonight is something, I must admit, I’ve made a few times since I’ve lasted posted about it.: vegan sloppy joes. They’re just so good! I could pretty much eat it every night. But I won’t. Maybe.


I had a side of mixed veggies to round out the meal.

I ate at the coffee table and watched the news while I ate. Not so uplifting.


Time to finish up some laundry and get into bed to read more of my Runner’s World mag. Great way to spend the evening if you ask me!

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