Half Marathon Training

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This week I start training for my next half marathon! I am running the ING Atlanta Half Marathon on March 29th. I am really excited about it because some my friends from high school are running it!! It’s a dream come true! I honestly can’t wait.


Half Marathon #1 : St Jude, Memphis, TN.

My first half was an awesome experience and my roommate from college gave me a training schedule for it. Basically all I did was run 4 miles everyday, and then a long run on the weekend. Sometimes we would do sprints barefoot on the soccer field (best feeling ever), but that was only when we had the urge and not when a training schedule told us to.


It was an awesome marathon. Not only was it my first, but it was for SUCH a good cause. The streets were lined with people with motivational/inspiring signs, thanking us for our contribution to St. Jude.  We also ran through cool parts of Memphis like Beale Street, by Sun Studios and  by my college so a lot of friends and professors were out! It was the best first experience I could ask for.

Half Marathon #2: City of Oaks Half Marathon

My next half, the one I ran this past November, I really didn’t have a set out training schedule. I loosely made one up for myself and ended up doing too many long runs, in my opinion, and kind of burning out.

Plus we ended up having to move into our third floor apartment the day before my half (we were supposed to move in 10 days before) so my legs were incredibly tired from walking up and down 3 flights of stairs a million times the day before carrying solid wood furniture etc

 Raleigh Half

It was a really hard and painful run.  The hilly course did not help. The only thing that made it better was that my parents and James were waiting at the finish line. James even met me at the halfway point, which is where this picture was taken!! I was pretty impressed he found it since we were in a brand new city.

When James comes to my races, he always stands a few yards before the finish line and cheers me on and starts running toward the finish with Toby. It always motivates me to sprint that last bit! But in this race, I had nothing left in my legs to sprint. Ah well. There’s always the next one!

Half Marathon #3

Stage 1: The Plan

Speaking of the next one: This time I am basing my training on the Ultimate Half Marathon plan from Runner’s World. It’s a nine week plan. The number of long runs don’t intimidate me and it incorporates speedwork into my training which I rarely do but I know it will help, especially after all the great testimonies about it from Caitlin. Hopefully it is just what I need. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes!

I am trying to plan my long run routes so I can come back and get this guy for the last 4-6 miles:


This is two toy Toby. He gets very jealous when I run by myself.

I’m currently watching an Audrey Hepburn movie Love in the Afternoon.

Does anyone else love old movies?? I really do. I’m not an expert on them or anything but they’re just so romantic and dreamy!

That’s a terrible description.

Have a good Saturday night!

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  1. Great run recaps!

  2. I love Audry Hep movies!!!! I have a mini collection myself! I am so inspired by your running a half for the 3rd time! I can’t wait to hear all about the training maybe it will get me going on the race I want to run in june!

  3. I am running the ING Georgia too!

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