Vegan Sloppy Joes + French Fries

January 20, 2009 at 3:27 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

What a fun dinner we had tonight! I forgot how much I love Sloppy Joes…and it’s always fun trying out new recipes and having them go well (Especially when last night didn’t go well…let’s just say someone – read: me – didn’t put enough cooking spray on the pan before putting the pizza crust down – it wasn’t pretty).

So tonight I was out to redeem my cooking skills!

First, I set to work on some sweet tater fries. I chopped up two of the gems that we got from the farmers market on Saturday.


Then I put them on a cookie sheet, sprayed em with some cooking spray and sprinkled them with salt.

Pop them in a 425* preheated oven for 30 minutes, take them out and flip them over, then cook for another 5-10 minutes (depending on how thick they’re cut)


While those were cooking, I started on the Sloppy Joes. I got the recipe from Vegan Dad’s recipe. When James told he wanted Sloppy Joes, I knew exactly what recipe I wanted to use! Vegan Dad always has such great looking recipes and now I can say they taste good too 🙂

I followed the steps mostly except I skipped boiling the tempeh in water and soy sauce.

First I sautéed two tiny onions in some water until they were translucent:


Next, I crumbled up the tempeh with my hands and added it to the mix (I had also rubbed a little soy sauce on the tempeh while I was waiting for the onions to boil..don’t know if it made a difference):


Then I poured Vegan Dad’s awesome sauce over everything:


I followed Vegan Dad’s recipe for the sauce exactly except that I used apple cider vinegar because that’s what we had.

After letting the sauce thicken for a bit we got this:



I’ve really fallen in love with tempeh.  I was skeptical at first, especially since my first experience making tofu myself was a bust, but the more times I use tempeh the more I find how versatile and satisfying this ingredient is. It made the perfect Sloppy Joe. I bet it would work for any recipe that uses Boca Crumbles or other forms of faux meat. It crumbles just like ground meat does…or how I remember ground meat crumbling


I stole some fries and put it into my wrap for tomorrow’s lunch:


I made some hummus last night for me to use in my lunch this week. I used  some inspiration from  Happy Herbivore and added spicy mustard and soy sauce to the mix. It gave a different depth of flavor and definitely was the star of my wrap today. 



This is a flat out wrap, homemade hummus, cucumber and spinach. 

The best song just came on Pandora: “Time to Pretend” by MGMT. I have a playlist that I used to run to that starts off with this song so it brings back the awesome feelings of just starting off on an early morning run.

Does anyone else associate certain songs with a feeling or situation?? I do that ALL the time! When I was training for my last half-marathon, I would download the latest episodes of This American Life (my favorite show ever) and Sound Opinions to listen to on my long run.  When I would run some of the same streets the following week, I could remember what was going on in the podcast when I was at that spot on my run! The mind is a crazy thing.

In other awesome running news, my new boss today told me I could come in at 9 instead of 8!!! Which means that getting a run in in the morning will be SO much more doable!

Of course I might not be going to work tomorrow morning anyway since it’s supposed to snow here tonight and for anyone else who lives in the South, you know that even a little bit of snow means the whole city shuts down! We’ll see if I wake up to a white world tomorrow which will equal staying in bed and watching Obama get sworn in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pics from seeing Obama speak at Clemson:




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  2. The sloppy joes look great. I’ve never had tempeh like that before.

  3. Have you ever tried steaming and then grating tempeh? It’s great! I love to do that when I marinate it in BBQ sauce overnight for BBQ sandwiches the next day. Nice post! =)

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