Not Quite Homemade Pizza

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With some leftover marinara sauce in the fridge, it seemed like the perfect night for homemade pizza. We looked up recipes to make the dough, got the ingredients (well we had them all except for yeast) and were all pumped and ready to go. Unfortunately, life got in the way and errands took longer then expected taking us back to Harris Teeter for some already made dough. We had two options: Boboli which came in whole wheat for $4.49 and some Pillsbury dough that did not come in whole wheat for $2.27. Significant difference right there. So we sacrificed our love for whole wheat and went with the less expensive version. We got the “Classic” instead of the  “Thin Crust” because they were the same price and there was more in the “Classic” tube. We figured if we wanted it thinner we would just stretch it out more!

We definitely plan to make our own pizza dough at some point in the near future (or at least get the ball of dough from TJ’s next time we’re there!!).

For the toppings, we sautéed some broccoli and onions and then sprinkled some chopped black olives (from a can ..less expensive then in a glass jar) on top before baking. We did a little layering action too. First, a layer of sauce, then a sprinkling of cheese, then the toppings, then more cheese (We split the pizza so James’ side could have more cheese). We also sprinkled some Italian seasoning, garlic pepper and red pepper flakes on top.  We followed the oven temp on the package and ended up baking it for 13 minutes.

Wow Mr. Pillsbury. You are full of surprises.



SO GOOD!  Here is James’ review:

This was great.  Hilary is amazing, and that means something bc I come from a different cooking planet.  Since moving in with Hil I have been pleasantly surprised with by her homemade recipes and have reluctantly come to the belief that not everything needs olive oil! 

My pieces:


Man these pictures make me wish we had more! Basically we both agreed that the crust kind of tasted like a crescent roll. Expect more homemade pizza variations in the future ;) 

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