Granola + Yogurt Review

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It wasn’t until I started reading various food blogs that I found out about Greek yogurt. After trying it once, I was hooked. Thick, rich, creamy with a bit of tang to it, the perfect accompaniment to the bananas, cereal and peanut butter creations I love to make.

Of course, on a tight budget, Greek yogurt just isn’t going to make the cut to be a staple in our fridge. So you can imagine my delight when J arrived home from Christmas with 4 Chobanis from his Mom’s house.

I had never had Chobani and had seen mixed reviews regarding them. My first time trying it, I had the peach flavor and paired it with Trader Joe’s Lowfat Granola with Almonds (another recent find):                                                       


There are also some banana slices and a scoop of peanut butter hidden under there!


Chobani: I liked it! It wasn’t as thick as some other Greek yogurt I’ve had, but I still enjoyed it. I think that regularly I would rather have plain Greek yogurt, but the flavored ones are a nice treat. There wasn’t an overwhelming amount of peaches at the bottom and it wasn’t that gross goo that you can find with some of those”fruit on the bottom” yogurts. It all mixed together nicely and I liked that there was room in the container for me to add toppings and mix it around without things falling out all over the place. And who can beat the awesome stats of getting 14g of protein in 140 tiny calories?? I know my leg muscles are thanking me for that!


Trader Joe’s Lowfat Granola: Also good…but just a little too sweet for me. Using a little bit, though, and mixing it in goes nicely with yogurt. It’s crispy and has a nice amount of clumps and flakes. Like all other Trader Joe products, it has a nice and short list of whole ingredients, which always makes me feel good about eating it. A 3/4 c. serving has 210 calories,  3g of fat, 5g of fiber and 4g of protein. Not bad for granola! It was also very reasonably priced  (I think $2.50?).

Two good products that I hope to find in my future of munching and crunching.

A little fresh, a little prepared

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Sometimes it’s nice to have the option of a quick meal without a lot of fuss. One way to get this is to use some prepared food and some fresh foods. One ingredient that I love cooking with is winter squash. They’re so great for you, easy to prepare and satisfying. (They’re also perfect for 2 people since each one can get a half!)

There was an acorn squash sitting in my pantry that I knew should be eaten soon. First, I preheated the oven to 400 and then sliced the acorn squash in half:




Now just grab a spoon and scoop out all the seeds. If you want you can roast the seeds in these (rinse all the stringy goo off first) with a little salt and pepper. They actually taste a lot like pumpkin seeds!

Then I rubbed a little bit of butter (you don’t need a whole lot..maybe a half a teaspoon?) and sprinkled some salt and pepper on top. I put it face down on a cookie sheet lined with tinfoil (easy clean-up! since J is out of town, I just used the tinfoil to wrap up the half I didn’t eat).  Then just pop it in the oven for 40 minutes.


Recap: 400* oven for 40 minutes

I also put a big clove of garlic under each one of these halves. I just smashed the garlic once with the side of my knife to open it up a little. I think baking it underneath the squash adds a nice subtle flavor. Plus, you get two cloves of roasted garlic which are delicious, especially spread on some crusty bread.

For the filling, I decided to saute some onion, a carrot and some spinach. Once that was all soft and cooked I added a little bit of this to the pan:



This was on sale at Harris Teeter so I splurged a little and got it. It says on the box that it’s “Braised eggplant with aromatic Indian spices“. I was really impressed with the short ingredient list (see below). AND its vegan, gluten free, contains no MSG or preservatives!! That’s good stuff right there. The website also says it stays fresh for 18 months. Nuts.

The nutritionals aren’t too shabby either:

I added about half the packet to the onion, spinach, carrot mixture while it was still in the pan so it would warm through. Definitely needed the added veggies to give it some texture..otherwise it was like putting a half cup of hummus in the middle. It WAS a little spicy

for me though (but I’m a wimp when it comes to spice…I’m working on it) so I added a spoonful of pumpkin to the mix to dial down the spice factor.  Overall, I think it’s a good product and I would definitely be interested in trying others!

All together:


Okay not beautiful…but it was good! I added some shredded cheese on top of it post picture which was a great addition. And the squash was roasted the perfect amount I think…it was really soft and almost buttery tasting. Delish!

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