Trials with Tempeh

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Since moving in together, J and I have been experimenting with all kinds of new  food. Our latest adventure has been with tempeh. Before that, we had tried making some baked tofu but we both felt kind of meh about the experience.It was kind of chewy, the bbq sauce we added didn’t give too much flavor and it basically didn’t excite our tastebuds. But when we were in TJ’s, we saw that block of tempeh and decided what they hey?

Marinated Tempeh

Cut tempeh into 1/4″ thick strips and place in a marinade of:

  •  soy sauce (less of this…we put in toooo much and it just soaked up all that salty goodness and it was a little overpowering!)
  •  peanut sauce
  • sesame oil
  • balsamic vinegar

Let marinade for 15-20 minutes.

Heat a pan and spray with cooking spray. Sear the tempeh on each side, letting them get a little dark and crunchy.

On the side we had some asian frozen veggies and a great rice that comes with dried green and yellow peas in it. You can get it in the bulk bin at Whole Foods. It’s really light and fluffy!


















We will definitely be getting tempeh again! I loved the nutty flavor and the texture.  Slicing it thin and searing it (J’s doing) was PERFECT. It made it a little crunchy and I couldn’t help saying throughout our dinner how much I was enjoying it!

Living on a tight budget, J and I pretty much never get meat, which we are both happy with.  We were chatting last night and saying how much cleaner and healthier it leaves us both. I don’t think either of us are wanting to make the leap to being vegetarian, but we do like greatly limiting the amount of meat we have in our diet.  I haven’t eaten any meat other then poultry and seafood for about 10 years but I’m happy to even be cutting down on those. It just doesn’t even seem that appealing anymore (mainly the poultry…I do still crave seafood!!).

In summary: Tempeh = delicious success.

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